First time sitter does not have official references yet

Hi there. I just signed up to be a cat sitter but have no references from this website. I do have a couple personal references, but don’t know if those people can comment without a profile etc. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!


Hi Vicki
You can request people submit references to the site. If you go to the ‘edit profile’ section of the dashboard, you will see a section for references and from here, you can email the request.


Thank you!

Just to say after you’ve completed a sit on this website you’ll receive a review, not a reference. References are what people you’ve sat for in the past should be asked to provide. It’s a good idea to have a few when you’re new, so think about all the friends, family, neighbours etc whose animals you’ve looked after or dogs walked in the past and send them the appropriate email through the website as explained by @KC1102.
Good luck!


Yes, thank you for all this good advice🙏

Welcome @vickicsr10
Getting your first sit requires some patience. It took me 23 applications to get mine! I’d suggest starting by applying for local and last minute sits to build your feedback up.

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Most of the questions that pop up have been asked before. Always a good idea in future to search the forum with key words. Here’s an earlier post that should help you:

I put ‘First Sit’ in the search field and this is what came up:
50+ results! Wade through those if you have the time…

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