For Campervan & Motorhome addicts!

Well we’ve done it again (top left pic)… just can’t stay away from some type of van! I’ve just driven our latest acquisition back to France. Just a small one this time but long enough for a full length bed!!

Ever since Ian and I met we’ve shared a love of road-tripping and an outdoor way of life as ongoing adventures - between our sits . We started out in the US when we bought a big old RV and travelled the southern states for 6 months. From there we’ve had little vans, just big enough to make lunch and a cuppa, then during lock-down a big conversion project to transform a Boxer into a tiny stealth home on wheels. That one we had to sell due to registration issues in bureaucratic France. But on this trip back to the UK where we offloaded one English car, we couldn’t resist exchanging for a mid-size van to convert into a weekender :slight_smile: It will have a removable box unit that converts to cooking and sleeping space that doesn’t interfere with the van’s structure.

The benefits of a van for us just can’t be overlooked anymore! Our electric car is useless for long journeys to sits, and having the option for overnight stops with the long distances involved in France and Europe makes a huge difference. And just the chance to stop overnight and make a camp makes us feel alive and connected with nature!

I know many of you also have vans, motorhomes or something inbetween… would love to see some pictures and hear what draws you, and keeps you hooked on vans! Or does the thought horrify you? :laughing:


For us the van life started as a necessity. The last few years Northern California has been suffering from devastating wildfires. When the Camp Fire came within 700 feet of our house we had to evacuate within 10 minutes and jam pack whatever we can fit in our small Hyundai Elantra.
The picture is from Northern Fire Complex which was active from August 17, 2020 – December 3, 2020 and burned over 300,000 acres.
After that fire we traded our car for a small cargo Ford Transit Connect van which we fully equipped with mattress, blankets, clothes, emergency food supply, portable toilet etc.

With the van we can quickly evacuate our house in case of emergency and we are fully equipped to be on the road for weeks. The van has also allowed to explore remote natural preserves, national parks and we also use it as sleeping accommodation when we are traveling to remote pet sits.

Bonneville Salt Lake Flats, Utah


would love to add pics, but every time i try to add one i get this message:

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every. single. time. it’s super annoying. would love tips from how others make it actually work.

Camper vans have come a long way since I used to holiday in one :smiley: Back in the mid 1970s, we had a 1973 Commer camper van - the roof popped up and two hammocks pulled out from the sides; meanwhile down below the benches and table converted into a ‘double’ bed.

All of our holidays were camping, either Devon or the New Forest; four of us and a dog. Back then I thought our van was spacious but in hindsight I’m astounded we all fitted in :rofl: And heaven only knows how my 6’1" dad fitted into that ‘double’ bed!!

Hi @CreatureCuddler … can you give me a bit more info about whether this is on the desktop or via a mobile? And what type of device, Android or Mac. It should be a simple process and we haven’t heard of any others failing at the moment. I’ll try to help if I can.

desktop, chromeOS, running latest version of chrome browser. Thanks!

Van team here too ! We currently have two :
Little red one, and big boy (both old ! but fitting with the bureaucratic french administration !)
I love yours !!
Hope to meet you one day on the road (we would need a THS sticker on our vans !!)

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Oh little red one failed ? Here it is : isn’t it gorgeous ! As you can see we have a dining room ! with a fridge !!


Woohoo! Well done!

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My dream of taking to the open road @Vanessa-Admin … It’s all in the detail :rofl: :heart_eyes:


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All I got

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Dream big or go home!
Love it

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I’ve ‘tricked out’ my honda element to be comfortable overnight digs for one.

I can sleep in it between assignments whether I’m working or sitting, or if I need to teach. in fact, on Thursday, I’ve got a cooking class booked at 1 pm, but the HO has asked that I not arrive until after 2 pm… so I’ll be teaching kids from all over the country how to make paneer cheese, from scratch, on video, from a yet-to-be-discovered location in east Nashville. it sounds insane but it’s fun!!

If I pack my equipment carefully, there’s enough room for me to blow up a sleeping pad with an electric pump, powered by a jackery.

for sleeping, I have a sleeping bag & small firm pillow. I use t-shirts as pillowcases. if I get cold, I’ve got 12volt elec blanket (plug into jackery), and if it’s REALLY cold, battery-powered socks.

I have a fridge-style water jug that is super skinny and fits on a shelf in the car, which dispenses filtered drinking water, I use that as a bathroom faucet when I brush my teeth… and I also use it to wash up, and to make my coffee in the morning.

Time for breakfast? I’ve got the world’s teeniest espresso pot that makes coffee for one, and an itty-bitty skillet for eggs, both can be made on an esbit stove, and I also have a Sterno stove if I’m impatient.

Luxury seating = folding camping chair (it has a built-in cooler, too!) and a comfy pillow.
Dining room = catering tray and jack-stand. Y’all have seen my photos of my small utensils (one of my 1st comments on this forum)
Refrigerator = hard-sided igloo cooler that is watertight, but has a drain if needed. I freeze water bottles, so I can drink that, too, but often I just re-freeze them when I get home.

The only tricky thing is that when I’m locked in for the night, I need to use a wire coat-hanger to open the front door to get out in the morning. …so far so good. :laughing:


I would love that! How much would it cost in petrol/diesel though, not to mention the cost of the vehicles?!

What a story and how frightening. We had our own brush with a bush fire on a house sit in Australia - all ready to evacuate with the pets but it turned last minute at the neighbors house. Living with that sort of constant threat must be so scary. Glad you’ve managed to use the van for happier times away and here’s to many more. Our latest van is very similar to the Connect and we were lucky to find a LWB for our long legs!!

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I’m surprised you had any version that would be acceptable :rofl: :rofl: This is quite some vehicle!
Our RV was heaven… an ensuite bathroom, queens size bed and full kitchen… I loved it (once I got used to driving it).

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Love these @Françoise-et-Youn and outside dining rooms are the best!! Will be keeping an eye out for you!!

Here you go @CreatureCuddler … I simply downloaded from your email and uploaded here with no problems. So at least we know it isn’t a size or format issue. I’m not sure what it can be… one further check… that you are uploading by using the little photo icon on the comment toolbar? I’m sure you know what you’re doing but it’s my last thought for the moment :frowning:


well at least one of us can do it. :smiley: Yep, i’m uploading using the photo icon so apparently it’s a mystery. Thanks for checking!

Just in case anyone else runs into this issue, @Vanessa-Admin sent me a link that said all i have to do is drop a link to the image in the post and it’ll display. After testing it, it works. So now I can share lovely photos! yay! :smiley: