Free Access for Vet Advice

Our membership, whether it is for an owner or a sitter, includes free vet advice 24/7. Some of the new tiers allow for free video calls as well. However, it is a UK phone number, so for the many members who live in other countries, the cost of the call is not free; just the advice given. Only if, for example, Skype or Whatsapp or something similar was used would it be.
Are there any members on the forum who have used this “free” service or is it your own vet (if an owner) or the owner’s vet details (if a sitter) that you use? I have only ever used the owner’s vet when needed and never thought about the free vet advice 27/7 because of it being a UK number.

Yes i used the vet line from France (the call was not expensive as i can reach 100 countries for free with my land line subscription at home).
It was for my own dog, i was not sure i could use the service but being an owner and a sitter i was taken on charge. They asked me my mail and registration number.We talked and i received a mail afterwards.
During the lockdown i faced another problem, with my dog, again when my vet vlinic was closed, but i could not reach them. (Lock down ?)
My sitters faced a problem with my cat last summer but they did not manage to reach the line (lock down i guess) so they went to an emergency clinic at night, it was a bank holiday. We all prefered to know quickly what was going on
They paid and the following day went to my vet, where i have an account. No money to pay this time. Their advance was paid back on our return

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I called it once on a sit when the dog I was looking after ate something in the park and became ill. I found it helpful. The advice confirmed my own feeling which was that the dog should see their vet, so I took her that day. A quick vet visit, a little round of meds & the pup was fine, thankfully, but it was nice to have that resource to call for reassurance that I was doing the right thing! I was in the UK at the time so not concerned with the cost of the call.


Hi @temba I can confirm that all veterinary advice is free at the point of use, which is an immeasurable benefit in the unlikely event of an emergency or out of hours situation. The savings on cost alone can be very significant but more importantly pet health care is managed quickly by professionals giving owner and sitters vital support to make an informed decision together with reassurance and peace of mind.

Sitters have access to the service while on a sit using their owner’s access.

There are in country numbers published for members and there may be an international connection charge but these are not premium numbers.

We will clarify & confirm all of this with the product team as soon as we can, we don’t want to give any member incorrect information.

Thank you

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That’s good to know, Provence. Thank you.

Thanks, Lindsay. Good you had access to that advice in the UK and could help the dog in your charge.

Thanks, Angela, for your input and I do understand how reassuring getting this prompt advice is. Thank you for referring this to the product team for clarification and confirmation.

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