More info requested re vet advice line

As a result of a recent question asking where the vet advice Line number was, I checked it out myself. I’ve never used it but have needed to consult vets on two occasions so far. Once in the UK and more recently in NZ. It didn’t occur to me to check out the line via THS but rang the owners’ vets on both occasions, in NZ I had to use the emergency out of hours’ number.
I see that the Vet Advice Line we have access to as members is a US number and I doubt very much that I will ever use it because of that (unless I happen to be in the US).
It mentions that if outside the US to use Skype or another VOIP service to minimise call charges. Will a WhatsApp call work with that number?
Has anyone outside the US successfully the advice line, I’d be interested to know?


:scream: THS, the British company with a vet advice line in USA? Not beyond their wit to partner with a British vet, surely?
IMO, THS won’t be UK based much longer; you only have to look at the customer base, the events held in America, wasn’t the recent cash injection in US$? Now the vet service….

PS, sorry @Smiley, I went off on one there. Yes, as long as you’re on WiFi connection or have a data package the WhatsApp call would be free. I wouldn’t trust to it though, VOIP etc isn’t as reliable as dialling 999!

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Hi @Smiley @Saltrams the Vet Advice Line is available to all members. Please find further information here >>>

For additional information please connect with the Membership Services Team …

I called the THS vet line earlier this year and was greatful for their advice on a UK sit.

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Hi @Smiley I’ve never had cause to use the vet line, but I just went through the steps, as shown when I checked under the help tab. It directed me to my dashboard, and there it displayed a number with an asterisk showing that it is a Canadian phone number. Given I live in Canada and my location is shown as such, perhaps the number provided is based on the way a member’s account is set up.

When I clicked on the second link Angela provided, the text in italics says to notice it’s a UK phone number. I didn’t see any mention of a US number at all.

I’m not sure if I’ve clarified anything or complicated it more, but I thought I’d share that with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Snowbird I am a bit confused because my dashboard tells me it’s a US number but the link @Angela-HeadOfCommunity has sent says it’s a UK number! Could I be complicating things as I’m currently in New Zealand? :joy:

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I have a US account and also have a US number for vet advice. If there are different numbers for different countries, it would be helpful to have a list somewhere so people can call the one that matches the country they are physically in, not the country where their profile is based.

FWIW, I recently had to download Skype to call my bank, and it was much better than I remember it being. Maybe Zoom forced them to up their game!

But it would be better if you could call, as you may not be near a computer when you need advice.


@snowfire In October 2021 Rockpool Investments funded $10 million for THS to grow and expand into the US market with a particular focus on California. And that’s what’s definitely been happening in 2022!!

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If anyone has any additional questions relating to the Vet Advice Line please refer them to the Membership Services Team

Thanks everyone