video calls with vet as part of plan

The description of the standard pet parent plan includes " Free video calls with vets, anytime you need. Enjoy peace of mind with free phone, chat or video consultations with veterinary experts. Available for you and your sitter, 24/7, anytime you need it."

I’ve been unable to find any specifics about how this part works - does it mean sitters could contact a vet if needed while on a sit? Or the pet parent can at any time, even if they’re not away from home?

Has anyone used this or have any thoughts or info?

Hi @mgp
Yes the free vet advice line is available to sitters. I had to use it on one of my first sits due to a blind hand over and having to medicate a cat (one of the identical brother/sister). The HO forgot to tell me how to identify the cat and I couldn’t get hold of the HO for hours neither the emergency contact so called the THS vet line to see what the best action was to take. Very helpful they were.


I think it’s only a free call if in UK or USA so not always an option @mgp. The owner’s vet is always my first option.

Sitters can access it whilst on a sit and pet owners can access it at anytime.

The vet number appears on your dashboard

Here is some more information from the THS Blog

How to use your Vet Advice Line

If you’re a Standard or Premium owner member, simply visit your member dashboard and scroll down to the Vet Advice Line section to launch a free phone, chat or video consultation. This will direct you to a veterinary nurse who will ask for your name and how they can help — it’s that easy. And with unlimited access, you can use it as often as you like.

All pet sitters also have access to our free 24/7 Vet Advice Line while on a sit. So, if you’re a sitter on a house sit and you have a pet-related question — big or small — just call.

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