G'day from Sue on the Sunshine Coast, Qld

I am very excited about my first house sit for three weeks and looking forward to more very soon. I love reading the posts on the forum and am glad to be part of it. :two_hearts:


Ello from across the ditch :slightly_smiling_face:. Welcome & may your sit be a good one :+1:


Hello @Lucky16 :slight_smile: welcome to the forum and to TrusteHousesitters. I am so excited for you and your first sit. What part of the world will your first sit take you?

You may also want to embed your sitter profile in your forum profile. I’ll link the instructions 1for you. Best of luck on your sit.



Thank you RunnerC :sunglasses:

Thank you Julie, I am just staying close to home but this one is at Brighton, Queensland with the most gorgeous Italian Greyhounds, Buddy and Bailey. I have already met them, they are so, so sweet natured, can’t wait.

Thanks also for the link. :two_hearts:


That sounds PAWtastic! Italian Greyhounds are adorable. Have lots of fun, and enjoy the doggie snuggles. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:



They have a lot of good restaurants in Sandgate and Redcliffe. There is a good fish and chip shop next to the Belvedere Hotel at Woody Point.

Also on a Sunday the markets might be on near the waterfront at Scarborough. Lots to do and see in the area.

Good luck with your house sit.



@Lucky16 and @Henderson22 I live at Scarborough and there are no markets here. There are Sunday markets on at Redcliffe on Redcliffe Parade at the ANZAC Ave end. They are great.


Thanks Crookie. I have been to the Redcliffe Markets so not sure how I got the suburb wrong. Scarborough has really go ahead. Nice place to live.


Yes, I’ve been to Redcliffe markets and love them. :heart:

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Let us know how you go with your first house sit. I am trying to get one in America and haven’t been successful as yet. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Lucky16 and welcome to the forum and TrustedHousesitters. I took a look at your listing and noticed a few things.

  • Given you show your interest is in sitting cats and dogs, I would add a photo or two of you with cats. Also, if you have any experience with cats that can reassure a cat owner, that would be helpful too.
  • If you have experience with caring for a home, that type of information is also useful to add to your experience section.
  • It appears as though you haven’t set up your calendar (green means available). It’s not essential to do, but every little bit of organizing can help. I’ll add a link to a helpful post on the availability calendar.

Once you’ve done your first sit, please come back and share details of your first experience with us, including a photo or two, if possible. Enjoy!

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Wishing you the very best of luck, that sounds awesome !

Thank you Francine, I need all the help with this as not used to promoting myself! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of me with cats. I have only owned one but have loved lots of others.

I’ll see how I go with the availability calender. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you. I am seeing my family for the first time in four years in Boston and taking two months off from work. Your first house sit sounds exciting, good luck with the puppies. :hugs:


Scarborough is lovely. We are fortunate to live opposite Scarborough Beach.

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Maybe I might run into you :smiley:


Last I checked I had done more pet sits here and abroad than anyone else in my State. I just got back from a return sit an hour from my house. Never thought that I would ever say this after all of the pets that I have looked after, but Scout was the sweetest and easiest dog that I have ever looked after. It’s is also gets me closer to my nearest and favorite National Park. This was the sunrise this morning from the house. Scout was still asleep.


Beautiful, thank you for sharing :heart:

@Dennis Serenely stunning!! Scout doesn’t know what she missed :kissing_heart: Thank you for sharing.