Hello from Kelowna BC

Am currently in my first ever assignment in Woking Surrey UK…
I signed up in 2020 got 3 assignments but alas Covid 19 happened. I just signed up again and will say my first Housesitters is a dream!


Welcome back!!!

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Hello @EmilyKelowna and as Joanne says… “Welcome back” to house sitting!

I used to live in a suburb of Woking many many years ago so I imagine it’s changed a lot now. If you make it a little further south, do check out Guildford. Have you explored the area yet? Is it new to you? I’m wondering how long you’ve been over in the UK from BC!

And please tell us what it is about your sit that is a dream? Does it have four legs :slight_smile:


Hello, I just arrived yesterday from Canada. And I had the best welcome from the owner Chris and of course her spaniel Dexter. This is my first sit ever and having the warmest hospitality is a very positive and very encouraging beginning and am already gearing up for my next sit. I believe it helped tremendously that Chris, Dexter and I communicated by zoom that built a lot of rapport , comfort and expectations were realistic.

Today I walked Dexter to the park by myself and realize what will work for me as his sitter and that I need him always be on a leash. He is the most adorable dog, his clean, he communicates, he obeys , very loving and affectionate, a very beautiful dog with wonderful temperament. Let me say my first assignment is really a winner !!!

Am from BC where we drive on the right side and I don’t believe this is the time to learn to drive on the left​:flushed:. So I plan to learn to take the bus if am motivated to go out. Chris house is very comfortable with beautiful garden, close to the park and everything is green because of the trees. This is exciting enough for me because where I come from it’s quite barren and dry. Today Christ took us to a place called Heather Farm cafe and it was lovely. So venturing out is ok but not necessary. Am happy to sit, go for walks and relax. A home away from home​:notes::notes:


Welcome to the forum, neighbour!

:blush::sunglasses::notes: Hello to you too …looks like you love gallivanting too …where have you been?

We’ve done most of our sitting in the UK, but also France, Phoenix, and Saltspring Island. Heading back the one sit in the UK at the end of August, and then over to France for a few weeks.

Nice! Do you speak French? And do you drive when your in UK?

Hubby drives and has no problem. The hardest trip is the first one when he hasn’t slept and it’s a standard etc. We try not to go far from Gatwick on our first day. :rofl:

I speak passable French, but regardless of where we are going, we always try to have some basic polite language down before we go. We work on Duolingo (I’ve done French, Italian, and Spanish mainly).

How long do you stay for sits and do you stay close to the city?

We normally go for a month and set up 2-3 sits back to back. We avoid cities, much prefer small villages. That’s why we always have a car. We like to tour the area and visit other places between sits.

Thank you for responding… I think that’s amazing…hopefully that will be something I will be able to do as well :sunglasses:

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Feel free to DM me if you have more questions!

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Thank you :sunglasses::notes::pray:t5:

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