Hi from the Pacific Northwest!

Hi TH forum users! I am a flight attendant based in Seattle, and divide my time between there and Sitka, Alaska where my husband and I run a business.
I’m working very part time now, (semi-retired?) and thought this would be a great way to travel where i like to go while getting my animal lovin at the same time! I haven’t had a pet in a number of years because of the time we are away from home ourselves.
I can’t wait to get my first SIT and see the adventure in this!


Hi @sitkashel and welcome to our Community Forum we’re glad you could join us from the glorious Pacific Northwest …

Our travel lifestyle is the best way to experience and enjoy the love of pets, people and places combining slow travel with living like a local and for pets lovers there really isn’t a better way.

You sound as though you are both really seasoned travelers so where would you like to go and what furry friend or friends, would you like to keep company?

There are great conversations happening across the forum on many different subjects you can search using the spy glass and key words. If you have any questions please ask, we are a helpful and friendly community … after all we are all animal lovers.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and welcome again.

Angela and the Admin Team

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Thank you!

Hi @sitkashel welcome to the TrustedHousesitters community :slight_smile: I’m also a flight attendant and huge animal lover and advocate. When I heard about TrustedHouseSitters I knew I had to join. With our flight benefits, it makes traveling to different sits all over the world easy and affordable. I wasn’t a big fan of solo traveling, but now with TrustedHouseSitters I enjoy it because I have a pet to share the experience with. This past summer I sat for an adorable lab just outside London and we spent every day hiking, or at the lake, or exploring the little town. He was the best travel buddy and cuddle buddy. Here’s a picture from one of our adventures in town.

I can’t wait to hear where your first sit takes you. Do you have anywhere in particular you would like to go?


What a great photo Julie!
I wanted to go to Paris in the couple months, just to BE. No tourist stuff, just soak it in. So right now I’m looking there!
I have friends all over the world and Italy is a place I have a few. It would be awesome to be close yet with my own housing and be able to visit!
I’m going to be adding to my profile. I’m flying this week so I’ll get to it sometime!
Thanks for reaching out!


Hey Julie, my friends are having trouble trying to leave me reference. Is there a secret?
They have to join? But then can’t find the place to add any words about me!
Can you help? Direct me to the right place?
I sent the emails from the “add referral “ page. :woman_shrugging:

Hi @sitkashel Julie is off line at the moment so I will pick this up… I’m sharing an article from our website Blog about references and how to request them …

If you are still having problems after reading this and applying the advice do let us know and we will be able to help solve any issues.

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Thanks for picking this up @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

I just checked out your profile @sitkashel and see you were able to get the references onto your account. Awesome! Below is another helpful article that shows you how you can link your sitter profile to your forum profile so that members in the forum can also check it out and share any helpful advice or tips to make you’r profile shine even more.

Paris and Italy would be amazing sits! I studied abroad in Florence Italy for a semester and fell in love with the city, food, people, art, culture. I would love to go back one day. Do you know most of your international friends from flying?


Yes, I meet people and make friends everywhere!!
It’s a curse!
I’m not sure how many references are on my profile but I’m planning on getting a couple more. Like from my Italy pals. They had a sweet Italian greyhound for ever. She recently passed and she was 15! She bit me once! But I still loved her.
That’ll teach me for getting between food and a dogs face!
Thanks for the help. I’m a little nervous to apply for my fist sit! But once I start I know it’ll be fun and give me a reason to travel more!

Oh, one more thing.
If my husband would like to accompany me, does he need to be a member?

Hi @sitkashel
You would need to add your husband to your profile. I would suggest you put in some detail about him as well as photos of you both with pets.
If you go the drop down menu, ‘your profile’, go to the section ‘your profile details’ and add him there. To edit your listing and photos, go to the ‘About you’ section and edit and add there. I hope this helps.

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Thank you! He may or may not join, but he wants the option!

Welcome! I spend my summers in Sitka working asa walking tour guide.

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What a cutie :heartbeat:

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@sitkashel If you add him to your profile, as Therese has suggested, then each time you apply for a sit make it clear in the application whether you are doing the sit solo or whether your husband will accompany you. This is relevant information for all owners.

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Welcome, @sitkashel!

First off: Don’t forget @Julie-Moderator’s advice to link your sitter profile. Right now none of us can see it (except mods), so we can’t give helpful feedback. Julie linked the instructions, but just to be sure I’ll link them again here: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

If you run into any issues there, just reply back.

As for Seattle, my mom’s side is from there. What area do you live in? I used to live in the Lake City area. Also, we’d spend some summers in Kingston via the ferry. Good memories. Blackberry picking FTW!

Curious what business your husband and you have in Sitka. In my head, I think of the TV show “Northern Exposure,” so your business could be … anything!


Hi Geoff!
I just added my profile! Thanks!
We’re in Edmonds, Wa. So beautiful is my little home in the trees. Not far from downtown.
Our business is a charter fishing lodge in Sitka. We’re thinking retirement soon so I’m hoping to have more time in the summers after this year! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::pray:
I’ve applied for my first sit! Local. Well I’m the states is what I mean. I can’t wait to get the new sitter jitters over with!
Then it’s on to Europe!!
Thanks for the shout out!


@sitkashel thats great to hear you applied for your first sit. Where in the states is it? I totally understand the feeling of the new sitter jitters. Here’s a blog you might find helpful going into your first sit once you get one locked in.

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Hi Julie!
I got the sit job in San Antonio! I’m sort of familiar with the area although this place is in an upscale neighborhood I’ve not been to.
A great FaceTime with the owner and one of her dogs!
I’ll be sure to leave my review!


@sitkashel congratulations on securing your first sit! :clap:t2::blush:

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