Hello from Portland Oregon!

Greetings from Portland! I have been in the Pacific NW for 10 years now but have a long history of traveling around the U.S. and living overseas. I decided to join Trusted Housesitters, as I’ll be traveling and doing some remote work this year. I love being around animals and consider it a special treat to be welcomed into someone’s home and to be able to care for their pets. Happy to be part of this community!


Hi Jennifer welcome from the beautiful PNW … my home ground, well slightly further north and over the border BUT I absolutely love that part of the US as I know do many, many people.

Remote working has opened up so many options and pet and housesitting is so suited to the lifestyle, it’s how I have been working and traveling, completing over 200 sits since THS began 11 years ago.

Another consequence of the pandemic, but a very good one, is that we are learning just what wonders there are in our own back yards and when you can travel, work and have the company of beloved pets, life really is good … pets, people and places, slow travel living like a local.

Enjoy being on the forum and connecting with members from around the world, we are a supportive community with lots of help and advice … any questions, simply ask and you will receive.

Angela and the Team

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Welcome @jcaengst ! We’re also based in Portland, OR, but have been digital nomads for nearly 5 years and are only there one a year or so. Hopefully you’ve survived the heat wave well enough!

Happy travels!!

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Welcome Jennifer to both TrustedHousesitters and our lovely community here! I’m a fellow remote (part-time) worker and my partner and I have been nomadic for almost a decade. House sitting has enabled us to live a totally different, freer way of life filled with the bonus of ongoing furry cuddles!! I’m sure you’ll find it just the best way to travel, live and work! Look forward to following your journey!

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Welcome! :wink:

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Thanks for all the welcomes! :slight_smile: