Hello from Portland, Oregon USA

Hello, my name is Carly and I just signed up here. I have my first sit later this month. I have a couple reasons for sitting here and wonder if there are others with similar interests…

I love to travel, especially road trips on the West Coast. I used to travel a lot around Oregon for work, but that hasn’t happened for two years because of the pandemic. I hope that house/pet-sitting will get me out of my house a bit.

My kids and I also love cats, but my spouse is allergic and we have a cat of our own. We’d love to be a cat-sitting team of three so that we can get kitty time. My kids are 9 and 14. If you go on sits with your kids, how does that go for you?

Looking forward to trying this out. I have my first house/cat-sit later this month over the weekend.



Hi @carly a` very warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining and for your lovely introduction.

Congratulations on your first sit and I love the thought of a “Carly & Co., the cat-sitting family team” we have other families who enjoy a pet and housesitting lifestyle like Jess & William Let’s Adventure More: House Sitting as a Family with Jess Swenson – House Sitting Travel they have so many tips to share from their travels …

We have a love for the West Coast in common, there are many on the forum who enjoy the same love affair with that part of the US. Mine is from Vancouver, Canada all the way along the coast, with Bainbridge Island WA & Cannon Beach holding special memories. Portland is a great city and the Oregon coast spectacular.

Enjoy connecting with our members, if you need any help or advice please just ask and we really look forward to sharing in your new TrustedHousesitters adventures … kitty fix adventures :heart_eyes_cat:

Good luck with your upcoming sit …

Angela and the Team

Hi Carly and welcome! We housesit as a family of 4 (or 3 if my husband can’t join us). My boys are 12 and 10 and we have been doing housesits in our school holidays since 2019. We don’t have pets of our own as we feel we are too busy in term time to be able to give a pet the time and attention it needs and deserves. In the holidays we can slow down a bit and get our pet fix by house sitting.

We quite often sit for families like ourselves, though not always. We also tend to do sits where there are several pets, as there are enough of us to be able to give them all lots of love and attention.

So far we have only done sits in our home country (UK) but we’d like to travel further afield in the future. Some of our sits have been only around an hour from home, but it is still a nice change of scenery and has allowed us to really explore some towns and villages we had never visited before or didn’t know very well.

On our last housesit the boys got on so well with one of the home owners sons that they exchanged phone numbers and have become friends on Pokemon Go!


Hi Carly,
We’re in SoCal & have done 7 sits within California, we’ve also done a huge road trip up to Seattle where we incorporated a fantastic pet sit for 3 cats. We’ve even adventured to the east coast this Christmas & half of our trip was a pet sit. We’ve completed them all as a family with a toddler.
There’s plenty of opportunities for you & your family to explore, I’m sure you’ll create some amazing experiences & memories.


I’m really excited to try this out. It might make our travel dreams more possible!

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Hi @Debbie I love to hear that you’ve been enjoying sitting with your kiddos. I look forward to using this for a change of scenery too.

And I play Pokemon GO also! That would be fun to stay connected with new friends that way.

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Thanks for the welcome Angela. I’ll have to check out that podcast. I would love to get up to Vancouver BC and more in the Puget Sound area. I love it by the water, and with kitties to visit, it sounds purrfect!