Hello from Portland Oregon

Looking forward to finding great house sitters and exploring new places while taking care of others homes and pets.


Welcome. So you are both an owner and a sitter ? Like me ?

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Welcome @claudinekent great to have you here in the forum from the great city of Portland! Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members and thank you for being part of our amazing community.

Angela and the Team

Yes. I had read your post earlier about your desire to come to Portland and explore a house swap. I would enjoy having a private conversation with you.

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Welcome @claudinekent , great to have you here!

We perked up when we saw your welcome from Portland! It is our ‘home-base’ (we house sit full time though) and between there and San Diego (cities where our parents are) that’s where we’ve been sitting the last year or so because of Covid. We’ve had great experiences sitting in Portland and the area is absolutely beautiful :heart:

THS is a wonderful community and there’s always the perfect sitter for every homeowner, so we’re sure you’ll have some wonderful experiences, whether house sitting or hosting sitters!

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