Hello from Florence, Oregon

Hello TrustedHousesitters members,
My wife and I are new to this site and would like to introduce ourselves. We have been house and pet sitting for many years but are new to Trustedhousesitters. We have been on the road for 20 months loving all kinds of pets and meeting new people. We have recently returned to the central Oregon coast and would love to share pet-sitting experiences. We have our first pet-sitting position on this site starting December 1st and are excited!
Cindy and John


Welcome to THS @petlovers. You guys sound very experienced!
Sure you’ll find many great sits here on THS.
I’m afraid although I’ve visited a number of US states I’ve not been near Oregon. A business partner based out of Bend tells me I’m missing out! It’s added to my list of US states to see!

Hello @petlovers. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum, and thanks for jumping in and introducing yourselves. The Oregon coast is such a great part of the world. Do you have a home base there?

Hi Karen,

I have lived in 10 states and P.R. My wife and I have lived together in 4 states and P.R. Cindy was a traveling nurse at one time and lived in states I haven’t been to.

We have a base on the Oregon coast but prefer central Oregon like Bend, Redmond, and Sisters. I’m a native of northern Colorado and Cindy lived the longest in Washington state.

We currently have 2 positions lined up with TH in Oregon and are house-sitting right now.

Someday I would like to see the New England states.

Wow, the two of you have really gotten around! Our son studied at Oregon State, so it was visiting him that gave us lots of opportunities to explore the coast (slow trips up through the redwoods and along the coast from the San Francisco area), but our preference is the Bend area, too.

Last year at this time we drove up to Washington state via Bend and Hood River. If we were doing that this year I would have loved to get together to share travel and pet sitting stories. Maybe one day we’ll be in the same areas and will be able to meet.

I’m glad to hear you have a few sits lined up through TrustedHousesitters already.

Happy sitting!

Hi Karen,

I am a novelist and my latest novel is about our road trips and sitting jobs in Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona. I did histories of some of the places we visited and stayed. Also talked about the animals and people along the way.