Getting more applicants by archiving

That is right. The HO may not have found the sitter they wanted.

I had a response from one HO after I had submitted an application that they were aware that I would be applying for more sits and that the chance of missing out of me would be there. I reply to every message and if I withdraw, I let them know why (other sit or time not right etc)

I am not saying that HO’s are to be blamed for the 7+ who may not be suitable. Waiting is required as long as both parties realise that by doing this, they may miss out on the opportunity to sit.

Sad that you had 6 applications and none of them were what you were looking for. In those situations, of course, wait until the right one turns up!

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It’s good to hear about this approach. It makes me more willing to apply for sits with a lot of applicants already. We did apply for one sit once that had a ton of applicants and would have gotten it but they changed the dates and we couldn’t do it.

I guess there’s always a chance that the home owner is just waiting for me to apply! And I can always withdraw if I don’t hear anything soon enough.


This has been the most beneficial thread on the forum for me. Thanks @everyone for participating. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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the only trouble with this is that those of us needing sitters find there are fewer available!

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I actually don’t see your point with answering my post.