Getting more applicants by archiving

Hi everyone - I have received quite a few applications for my listing, but I am still interested in seeing additional apps from people who might be a better fit.

I was wondering, if I archive applications that I know won’t work, will the submitted applications number that sitters see be lower? I just do not want potential sitters to be put off by the applications number because I am still very much considering additional candidates.

The application count will only go down when you decline the applicant.

Hi Kayla

I’m glad you posted this. You will probably still get people applying…if you have a lot of interest already, it sounds like you have a desirable assignment in some way.

But it could definitely be a good idea to start declining people whom you know for sure you wouldn’t pick. Whether or not you choose to give them any sort of personalized message with the decline is up to you…it is not required.

This is because people may assume that when there are lots of applicants, especially if the post seems to be a bit older, the owner may be slow to fill the listing. And on top of that, would likely end up not looking through all the applicants ,and choosing from some of the earlier submissions, so why bother applying. That even with a large number of applicants, they haven’t found anyone suitable probably wouldn’t be the first thought.

I will keep this in mind when I see a listing I may have declined to apply to for this reason.


I also had several applications for our time away in July/August and I waited until the “perfect” sitters applied. Some of the earlier applicants, who I told I don’t want to make a decision just yet, moved on to other sits and some I kept waiting, because I didn’t want to decline them right away. But they weren’t a really good fit to me. Ok, but not what I wanted.
Finally, after a few weeks of leaving the listing online, the couple, I then confirmed, applied. I knew, almost right from reading the first lines of their application letter, that I was right to have waited. Of course, if it really was the right decision, I will know once the sit is over, but I am confident.
I completely understand the wish to wait for the perfect applicant.


If there are more than seven applicants, and their listing is already stale, and they still haven’t chosen someone. I don’t bother applying.

If I applied when there were 0-3, and I notice that it has reached over 7 since I applied, I don’t hesitate to accept another assignment.

Maybe someone should give me a pep talk about my self-esteem :expressionless: but if they didn’t pick me, I’d drive myself crazy wondering about the reason why they didn’t.


I think maybe you should reconsider on this.
I had 6 applications but there was only one I declined right away. The others weren’t not suitable but also not exactly what I wanted. Would you, as a HO, decline them, not knowing if the perfect match will apply? I didn’t , because I thought: rather someone not perfect than nobody at all.
It’s not that I am very picky, far from it, but I think sometimes sitters also should try to understand the HO’s side. :wink:


I have only the vaguest idea of what it is like from the homeowner’s side! It is really hard to tell if they are inundated with replies, and whittle it down to seven or eight by implementing the denials quickly, or if they post their request, and then sit on it for weeks, and only then do they come back and sift through the applicants.

Sitters have no idea how old the posts are, and since the HO can get 30 applicants, or only 3 applicants, They can manipulate the number sitters see by rejecting people quickly.

I understand that it’s mostly guesswork for the sitters but I think one shouldn’t rule out a sit, because there are already some applications and the HOs haven’t made a decision. Maybe it’s as simple as I tried to explain about our listing?
Of course nobody wants to waste time, but maybe you would actually be the one the HO is waiting for. Maybe just give it a try.


No, it is pretty justified with your reasoning. I am the same. I applied for a sit and noticed there were like over 7 applicants and the sit was advertised two months in advance. I withdrew my application as I luckily found another place but I see it is still there and the time for the sit is coming up with multiple applicants.

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I am new to this and have also received far more applications than I expected. You make good points, but I would like to suggest one thing. I have had a few of the applicants tell me that they get declined or no reply from owners, and they are appreciative that I responded to their application. It seems to me that it is just common courtesy to acknowledge applicants with a brief message even if they are not the eventual choice. People have taken the time to write a detailed response with their application, and frankly, it seems rude to not at least acknowledge them. This can be done in a group message for multiple applicants. In my opinion it is a simple courtesy, and it is actually suggested by the TrustedHouseSitters team.


I always apply if I’m interested, regardless if the number of previous applicants, and I never hesitate to accept another sit, UNLESS there is one I REALLY want. Then, before I accept I would circle back to the HO on the sit I really want and let them know (assuming we’ve already been in contact and they just haven’t pulled the trigger yet).


Large numbers of applicants put me off applying although someone said on the forum that they’d applied when there were already 50 applicants and were chosen. A home owner can always pause the application process while they go through the applicants and decline those (with a message) not suitable. Then open it up again if not satisfied.


I totally agree about the group message for multiple applicants when declining. It is wonderful that you respond to everyone’s application.

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Thank you Eric for your courtesy. Yes, I’ve had home owners who have read my application and never bothered to respond. Out of interest I kept one of those open and eventually it was marked up ‘no sitters needed’ so either they got someone or changed their mind. Either way they could have sent me a brief message. Fortunately they are the minority

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I guess the HO hasn’t found the sitter he wanted yet…

Nobody blames the sitters if they apply to more than one sit at the same time, and withdraw their application when they found another sit. However, there are sitters, who don’t let the HO know that they moved on and that’s rude.

But why are HOs blamed when they haven’t found a suitable sitter among the 7+ who applied and therefore rather wait? If the sit is months away, waiting is the right thing to do until a suitable sitter applies. I am not talking about 50+ and unread applications.
You also don’t know if and how the HO is in contact with numerous sitters and what they have agreed upon.
You only assume things you don’t know just because there’s a number of approximate applications showing.

I had 6 applications for our sit but none of the sitters were exactly what I was looking for, but also not ones to decline right away. So I waited. This was the right thing to do, because a sitter couple applied, who fit, and who I confirmed right after our video call.

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before covid we applied for a sit in a desirable area. We applied months before it was due and there were many many applicants. We were definitely not the first. I got a brief note from the HO saying they wanted to wait until their partner reviewed the applications. Many weeks later we got an interview and were accepted (and have been asked back ). I seem to remember it was at least 2 - 3 months after the application went in.

I’m afraid that isn’t always the case :pleading_face: and it does feel awkward when they have parked my application and then something else came up… and I have to withdraw.

Like each of us is hoping for a date to the dance with the most attractive partner! For me, I’m not sitting home alone, so I’ll go with whomever asks first :wink: I just want to dance, what can I say? :tada: :ballet_shoes: :confetti_ball:

I’m just one person trying to make a living and have a little fun. This should be FUN or at least pleasant for everyone involved, but there’s an awful lot of worrying going on - myself included.

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Hi all! Thank you for your insightful responses. I have been trying to turn down applications that I know aren’t a bit but I wasn’t sure if that impacted the application numbers. Glad to know that it does!

Finding the perfect sitter can be very difficult (from my limited experience) and it is nice to hear peoples experiences from both perspectives.


I definitely understand your side of the dance! I am not angry at all with sitters, who move on, because I take long to decide, I only feel let down if they don’t tell me.
When a new sitter applies, I always write back as soon as I can, which is usually within a few hours if not right away. If it’s not the “gem” I was looking for, I tell them that I would like to wait with making a decision and that I can absolutely understand if they move on, because I don’t decide quickly enough.

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That’s because you’re awesome and thoughtful, and i hope HOs know, we all appreciate that!

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