Should I decline an application after no response?

Hello everyone. My boyfriend and I are home owners new to the site. Although we have had around 24 sitters save our post, we have not had many actual applicants for our Christmas and New Year’s dates in Orlando, Florida.
Of the six applications received, we had questions about what to do with four of them. There are three sitters who have not responded to our message sent to them 3-4 days ago. These messages included our expressed interest in their profile/ application and requesting to discuss further. Since we have not heard from them, should we decline their applications in the system? I am a bit concerned with their lack of response and that is why I was not considering contacting them again.
The other application was someone we were mutually interested in that had some reservations and decided she was no longer interested. Should we decline her application in the system?
If those applications are declined, will that alter the applicant count displayed to sitters on our listing?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @cee.bee and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. We hope you enjoy getting to know the community and contributing to the conversations. Christmas is a very busy time for sits, but you’ve left yourself plenty of time which is a good start!

It’s a personal decision about how long to wait for replies, as there can be many reasons why applicants don’t apply immediately. As house sitters, we tend to move on if we haven’t heard something from a home owner within 5 days. My personal thinking is that if on either side someone is interested in pursuing a sit further then they get back in a timely manner with a response.

Certainly if you are sure someone is a “no” you can decline that application, and in terms of your question…

The answer is yes, the count will go down.

Hope that helps, and good luck finding your Christmas sitters. Where are you hoping to go for your Christmas break?

There is someone out there desperate to sit for you so why waste time on sitters who are obviously not really interested. Do what feels right for you and your pets.


Thanks Provence!

Thanks Vanessa!

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Thank you ElsieDownie. You’re right!

If you were asking for a sitter July 20th to August 6th 2022, I’d be biting your hand off. I’ll be near Sarasota on a 4 week sit with two weeks ‘free’ in the middle. Pls keep me in mind!

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We’re going on a cruise in the Caribbean. We’ll be there from December 23- January 3!

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Have a wonderful time! And please send some pix to warm us up as we sit huddled round the winter fire :joy: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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