Getting To Know the Team: Paul Maisey, Head Of Membership Services

Continuing our “Getting To Know The Team” Series

Our latest bio introduces @Paul-Head-MS - Paul Maisey Head Of Membership Services

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All the men are working while the ladies travel … :rofl: :joy:


Hi @Provence, TrustedHousesitters has a talented and inspired team of both men and women across all departments and at all management levels.

Positions are ability led, we have always been an inclusive and diverse company

The Co-Founder of TrustedHousesitters was a women, also the presiding Chair, as is our Chief Product Office and in January we welcome a new CMO - Chief Marketing Officer, also a women in addition to these key lead positions, many department heads are women, but not simply because they are women.

However, the one thing we do insist of all potential team members, regardless of whether they are male or female, is that they are animal lovers.

There is also a very high number of male sitters, many couples and solo male sitters, diversity throughout our community.

I hope that answers your questions.


Great to know more about you Paul, we’re all grateful to have a top team at the head of the THS community


Hi Paul, Dolly, Snoochie, and Booch (I love the Jay and Silent Bob names):

It is very nice to meet you and your family.

When you have a chance to come to California, visiting the bay side of San Francisco in chock full of attractions and photo opportunities. From the Golden Gate bridge to Chrissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts to Fisherman’s Wharf, there are days worth of things to see and do.

And it is well worth the trip to Alcatraz island. I recommend getting the audio tour (which is offered in various languages) so you get the most from the visit.

Since you have a love of pastries, stop by Rustic Bakery in Tiburon (Marin County) or Tartine in the San Francisco Mission district. Both are excellent.

Wherever you go in the SF Bay area, bring a wind breaker and a camera.

I hope you get to fulfill your travel dream soon!

Happy travels,


Hi Michelle

Thanks so much for this awesome advice :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to visit San Fransisco (and that bakery!!)

And I’m glad you like the nod to Jay & Silent Bob!


Hello Paul,
Chicago and San Francisco are cities very interesting to visit.
I had the good fortune to visit the 2. San Francisco, twice, 25 years apart. And the last time I crossed the United States by train (50 hours aboard the California Zephyr) between Chicago and SF. Just a stopover in Sacramento to visit this city. The train does not go to SF, we finish by bus to cross the bay. It was an amazing experience. Of course, you have to have time, but you can see landscapes that you cannot even see by car. I hope you could be go after covid


wonderful pictures :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for some overseas travelling again!

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