Getting your first house sit

Hello everyone!

I’m new to trustedhousesitters but look forward to getting started. My wife and I travel teaching improv workshops to kids. We love animals but chose not to have them because we travel full time.

Someone told me about this site and i’ve applied for a few different stays but haven’t gotten anything yet and was wondering what is the best way to get your first stay or do people look for when someone messages them?

Thank you

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As a HO looking at applications I look at the Sitters reviews. If they have not yet had a sit I read their references and see if they have a security check.

I have used 1st timers in the past, with great success, and I am sure your opportunity will come along soon!


Hello @improvmike and welcome to the community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Your first goal is to set up your profile so that it has all the basics owners are looking for.

  1. I suggest you embed your sitter profile in your forum username/profile so that forum members - owners & sitters - can give you constructive feedback.

  2. Digest the house sitter guidelines and make sure you follow the suggestions.

  3. Have at least 3 references. Until you can establish yourself with THS reviews, these are important. Once you get your first review, things get easier.

  4. Don’t take a sit just because you want that first review. If it’s not a good fit, it won’t be enjoyable. Be selective but also flexible.

  5. Start off with a local sit for a relatively short period, to get your feet wet and get that all-important first review.

  6. Set up your availability calendar

  7. Apply for all sits that fit your requirements. Don’t just apply for them one at a time. If you accept a sit, be respectful and withdraw your application from those that overlap those dates.

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I really appreciate the great advice and will make sure to apply this. We love animals, traveling and wish we would of discovered this site way sooner! Thank you so much.


This is good to know. Will definitely make sure to get references. Thank you so much for the advice

Hi @improvmike - Don’t worry, the first sir will always be the most difficult one to secure - you may find this previous thread useful

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