Good morning :) Leo here - my introduction

Good morning :slight_smile: - Leo here - my small introduction as a newcomer in this fine forum of trusted house-sitters :slight_smile:

I am happy to come here to the forum and started since a couple a days before to be a member.

I still live in Germany in Berlin now and work here as a lecturer and mentor for transformation and creative- philosophical video- podcaster maker.

After a long time to teach students in art and media law I start to discover from the end of September this year this beautiful word and document the beauty of nature and make beautiful videos, books and podcast over this planet and the connection with the human mind-kind in a ethical, philosophical and creative- aesthetic style.

Inclusive to establish a permanent podcast/ net radio broadcast to stream this kind of content via net and enjoy and inspire humans for the wonderful presence and essence of nature in our daily life :slight_smile:

For this task I looking forward to explore beautiful places on this world where I can stay and get inspired and good Energy for my fine tasks.

Additionally I would be glad to meet here wonderful people the like to support me with a sitting of her house and pets and exchange ideas and experiences with other house sitters here :slight_smile:

So far, all the best for everybody and see you soon … feel motivated to text me to every time to every kind of subject please

Sunny greetings

Leo :slight_smile:


Welcome and congratulations for the best decision.


THANK YOU SO MUCH :slight_smile:

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@Leonardo welcome to the world of pet sitting! You will make some great memories of animals of all types and in the time I have been doing this they include dogs and cats of course but also goats…donkeys…horses…chickens…geese…guinea pigs…hamsters…rabbits…birds…fish…tortoise…alpaca…and pigs! Its nice to look after different types of animals and I am always learning…enjoy the animals and your travels


Greetings @Leonardo welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Thank you for a wonderful introduction into your life and purpose for exploring a pet and housesitting lifestyle, there are many in our community who find their inspiration and motivation from being connected with animals.

Pet and housesititng is slow travel living like a local and a way to become connected with like minded people in a unique and authentic environment.

I have look at your profile and would like to make a suggestion regarding images, owners look for profile images of sitters with animals and pets, after all that is what owners come to TrustedHousesitters for … the very best in home care for their beloved pets.

Another very important part of a profile are references, again owners look for references and reviews when considering sitters applications, it would be great if you had some from your times spent caring for pets in Costa Rica.

As a new member you have come to the very best place for great insight and advice on starting a pet and house sitting travel lifestyle which can be similar to other travel lifestyles but also very different. If you are flexible and the opportunities present themselves starting local is best … where are you looking to start and with what pets?

Welcome again, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the team

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Hi Leo,
Beautiful introduction!
I am Rossana from Uruguay, I am new here too. I have a god job and position, good level of education howewer I want more…happiness. Thats all! I will love to know others cultures, kids, pets, and people of course. So, here I am…I know that my english it is not so good, but I am improving! I have a degree (University) , I am funny, honest, I love work and travel, so i hope someone needs me for their house and pets.
Big huge


Welcome Leo
I’ve been sitting for about 2 years now and have completed 30+ sits. All but 1 have been excellent and even that 1 wasn’t too bad - good location, delightful dog, but the HO was a bit of a hoarder so the house could have been cleaner. But I still had a great time.
Take care.

@newlife yes of course they will want you and welcome to the forum; plenty of advice available from other sitters so just ask…happy sitting Rasanna

Hey hey dear Carpe Diem :slight_smile: Well, I had still some short experiences with beautiful animals like beautiful cuddle dogs, horses, pigs and cats … very beautiful encounters … I can feel animals ans speak with them all the times … goats are still sceptical to me :), and I learned a lot of them, … YES I looking forward to get more of this experiences :slight_smile: So you have any recommendation for places where humans and pets/ animals life in peace and harmony, let me know. Sunny greetings, Leonardo :s)

Good morning dear Grandma and THANKS A LOT for your heartful Welcome :slight_smile: Hope you are well?! You are a house-sitter? Sunny greetings, Leonardo :slight_smile:

Good morning dear Angela and Team of Trusted House-sitters!

Thanks you so much for you nice lines and recommendation, you are totally right.

I have a lot of beautiful images with the horses and dogs; so I want look up for this and yes, the same with the references, which I want request for my hosts and friends.

Yes, I am really curious to discover the world and the beautiful places on this planet with the help of the house owners, give me the possibility for stay there and care the beautiful pets :)!

Sunny greetings, Leonardo :slight_smile:

Hello dear Rossana :)!

I am sure with your positive attitude and commitment I feel with your lines you will be sure soon find your first house sitting, All the best, Leonardo :slight_smile:

Great well com
Where are you?

@Leonardo thank you and welcome to the forum…well there are so many great places to visit with animals of course but some of my favourite places are Brittany (I looked after goats, cat and dog there…see photo) and I had four months on the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall right down in the SW of England…not strictly THS but I looked after cows, pigs, ducks and a lovely little dog on a farm there…it is a hidden gem so I would definitely say go and have a look…just about anywhere across the UK in Spring is beautiful but for winter probably somewhere abit warmer is a better idea…travel safe and I hope you meet lots of good animals and people

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Hello again, I want write you directly I didn’t find the possibility, so on this way, how many images I can upload in my profile and how it works please?

All the best, Leonardo

Good morning @Leonardo. I’m jumping in here as @Angela is away on a family event this weekend, although she is popping in and out so you may hear from her :slight_smile:

As a house sitter you can upload images as follows:

 - One main profile photo - the first one people see 
 - 12 photos in the 'About you' section

You upload photos in your dashboard area following this sequence:

 - EDIT your profile
 - About You

The screen should now look like this, where you’ll be guided through the process with some helpful tips:

As you can see you can add and delete photos here, reorder them using the up and down arrows, and add captions.

Note: These instructions are when using the desktop version of the TrustedHousesitters website.

Hope this helps get you started, and if you have any problems let us know.
All the best, Vanessa


Hi @Leonardo this is the right place to ask for help and advice and you were always in the best of hands with @Vanessa-Admin who is also a very experienced pet and housesitter.

Regarding the photos you use in your profile I’ve added an article from the website blog which gives some great advice and guidance on the best photos to choose

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