Greetings from Chicago!

Hi! I started hearing of housesitting as a travel option back in 2019 and am so happy to finally join the community!

I’m from Ohio and still have my primary home base there (which is where my own cat, Katarina, stays when I’m traveling), but I’m currently living and working in Chicago, building my business, which is in Remote Team Operations.

I came to Chicago late last year after falling in love with it at the beginning of my Route 66 road trip! I’d wanted to get out of Ohio for a while and this city made perfect sense for me. I’ve traveled to 33 states, Canada, Jamaica, Iceland, Germany, Czech, Italy, and Hungary.

Near term travel plans include Hawaii in September 2022, and Germany (for a Scorpions concert!) and probably Eastern Europe in spring-summer 2023.

I’m a former member of Location Indie and a current member of the Nomadic Network and Freelance University.

Besides travel, I love music, reading and writing (more writing than reading these days), philosophy, big ideas, podcasts, deep conversations, moon chasing, eating, drinking, and all the other things that make life on this planet a weird wild and wonderful ride!

Live Fiercely!

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Hi @carolynwanders. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. I’m originally from Cincinnati. What part of Ohio are you from?

I too am part of the Nomadic Network. They had an inperson event recently while i was in NYC, so I was able to meet Matt and some of his team. Boy are they passionate about travel! Have you participated in any of their events?

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Hi Karen! I grew up in Warren and have mostly in the Akron-Kent area, but was most recently in Columbus for 3 years before selling everything and basing out of my mom’s back in the Kent area so I could travel more. :slight_smile:

I figured there’d certainly be some community crossover! I went to a midwest event online in April I think. There’s a Chicago meetup next week that I’m really looking forward to! Where are you based out of now?

I grew up in Akron ànd my husband is from Medina! Welcome to the forum!

:smile: I lived in Medina from 2008-2017! Where are you now?


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Where are we based? Wherever our dreams take us (We don’t have a base.) :wink:

Enjoy the Chicago event!

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