Happy ending

If you never believed in happy endings, then this story might just change your mind!


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They attempted to shoot her, but she escaped. She was duped, yet she still has faith in humans. This puppy’s story is one of the most heinous cases of physical torture that animal rights activists have ever witnessed.

The dog was discovered on the roadside, battered and tethered. The dog was shot 17 times, her right ear was severed, and her chin was shattered.

She was also expecting a child. Another awful finding was made by the veterinarian who was caring for the dog. The subhuman who tortured the animal purposefully shot her in both eyes. Four bullets were extracted from contaminated areas.

However, the dog’s narrative was followed. The child and her mother wanted to support the animal firstly, and then accept her.

As a result, the dog rapidly made friends with the girl’s puppy. Over a while, the girl decided to attempt to train the suffering dog to be a therapy dog.

They now go to care homes, clinics, and colleges as a group. They tell the terrible narrative of this dog, which was able to withstand the horrors of lowlifes while maintaining trust in mankind.

She isn’t a purebred champion, but her zest for life encourages everyone she meets.


Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I love these tails!
My overly rambunctious, sweet loving doggos here that I absolutely love and have been sitting for since 2018 were found tied together on a chain link fence on the side of the road.
That tan one had been kicked badly (we surmise) for she had a broken rib.
They are absolutely precious and extremely well behaved. Super loveable and playful.
Did I say I love these girls?

My daughter’s dog is also mixed “nobody wanted” pup who had recently had a litter and well she was not a pretty sight . Once adopted by my girl, she took her in to her hospital, she is a vet nurse and it was discovered she had heartworm and a bullet, yes she had been shot, lodged somewhere near a kidney…
Today she is loved by my love who has a lotta love to give, and she too is one of the most well behaved, happiest dogs I have ever known.
Is it possible that dogs practice gratitude?
Love breeds love


Love your story @Amparo rescues are so loving and grateful. Miss our baby so much that sometimes I feel my heart is going to break into pieces!


That only means you have lots of bits of love to give to others. :star2:


What a lovely story and your daughter resembles you so much! :blush:


What an absolutely awful story but so happy she was found a loving home