Have I said too much in my listing?

Hi everyone, I’ve been a sitter for several years but I have now decided to also list my home.
As a sitter I have always appreciated a detailed listing, I tend to just scroll on past sits that give very little info. However, I am wondering if I have said too much. I would appreciate it if you could cast an objective eye over my listing and give some constructive feedback.
Have I left out any vital info? Is there anything in there that would be better left out?
You should be able to see the link above but if not search for sits in Greencastle Northern Ireland.

Your link takes you to your sitter profile, which says you live in a static caravan (or something) it also says you live in Newry.
There are no sits in Newry and seemingly three Greenbanks. It isn’t easy to find you I’m afraid

@Jilly the link in your profile is to your sitter page not to a sit listing, you need to update your link to get feedback from the forum

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@JackieX thanks, I didn’t know if it showed both or not, I’ll change that now.

@Crookie thanks, I have changed it now.

Found you, on the second Greenbank which wouldn’t open for me on the app when I last looked!
You have written a lot, but it’s an easy read. I don’t really know whether it will work as we would be most unlikely to apply for a sit without pets and hate gardening!:relaxed:

Yes, it will only appeal to a few people, but I thought it would be nice to share the opportunity.
I know there is an option for sitters to search for no pet sits but I think it would also be very useful if gardening was a box sitters could tick when they list their experience. It would make it easier to search for a sitter. I was having a browse through available sitters and it’s impossible to know without reading full profiles.


There is a way to show both. I’ll add Vanessa’s instructions below:

How to show sitter profile and homeowner listing in forum profile/username

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So good to see you offering up your lovely home now that you’ve returned to travel and house sitting. Having watched you build your outdoor space and garden on FB from nothing during lockdown I know how much love you’ve put into this. Ian and I have paralleled you with our veggie garden in France, and enjoyed it so much. You might just get an application from us… But not until next year… amazingly I have still to visit Ireland :scream: If you need help with adding both links just shout!

Hi Vanessa, you would be very welcome any time, I know my home and garden would be in safe hands.
I’ll keep posting dates as I get my own bookings. I’m in the enviable situation of not actually needing a sitter but happy to host one if the right people come along.


Your location is fabulous! I know the area well, as I am from Dundalk. I saw the SUPs and kayaks in Carlingford Lough 2 weeks ago!

As for your question - I skimmed through the listing because there was more detail than I need to see initially. If you want to include details, it would be easier to read if it was organized into more paragraphs.

@Lassie thanks. It is in paragraphs but I think I’ll put a space between the paragraphs, I was looking at some other listings and that’s what they have done. I think it looks less intimidating that way.
I know I’ll never be happy with it, that’s the problem when you can keep editing things. :woman_facepalming:

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I don’t think you’ve put too much information. It is good information to know ahead of time.
I did want to offer two suggestions. I know you don’t need sitters, but if you want to draw them in I’d specify in your heading that you are in Northern Ireland, since it shows up as United Kingdom and some people who aren’t familiar with the area may assume it’s part of the mainland. Maybe your headline could be “Northern Ireland Garden Needs Tending” or something like that.

Also, I’m not sure, but is a static caravan the same as a mobile home? If so, you may want to add that in parenthesis. In the US (and maybe other places?) a caravan is like a campervan with wheels. A mobile home is static. Again, I know you aren’t desperate for a sitter, but if you did need one this clarification would help me.

@CoolCatAunt , thank you. Both very good suggestions.