Have you ever messed up?

@MissChef online cooking classes? How cool is that? I’m not a chef like you but I do miss things like breadmaker, chopping gadgets, etc. We stuff everything for all 5 of us in a minivan so it’s tight in there. On departure day, we look like we just got kicked out somewhere and had to pack everything up real fast. We’ve had some weird looks when we go through the drive through to get food

Well almost. I just left a 4 week sit in Norway. As I was vacuuming this morning one of the 4 cats managed to push a window open that I had not used. So I am desperately trying to make sure all 4 cats are still in the house. After about an hour I located all in but it was sure stressful for a bit as I am closing off all rooms to limit access as I find one.


If it makes you feel better, with one of my recent sits, I accidentally broke a glass, and then a sitter of mine accidentally broke a saucer! :sweat_smile: :joy: Even though I got mine from an estate sale, they were so sweet and got me a replacement. Mistakes absolutely happen and I don’t like to make a huge stink when life gets to life-ing. I say in my listings as long as our house is standing upright how we left it and our cats are alive, we’re happy.

I personally would be down for the pink sheet glow-up! :eyes:


If thats your worst,you’ll go far. Remember in life how just a little grace goes so far.

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I agree a little understanding and grace goes a long way. After all we are all human.