Headphones for Long Haul: Recommendations Please

Who knows a great set of noise cancelling headphones, probably over-ear although earbuds considered, compact & travel friendly, with Bluetooth for one’s own devices and whatever airlines are using for IFE these days? Let’s say price no object as I can always pick & choose later.

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We use Sony XM’s they are great. x

I think generally beats headphones are considered to be the best on the market (I personally don’t have experience with them) but everyone that I’ve talked to that owns a pair swears by them.
I’ve been very pleased with my AirPods and second to that my Scullcandy earbuds were affordable and do a good job.

I have a pair of Bose 700’s (I got them with the purchase of a pixel phone). Love them as they’re very comfortable wearing for hours and noise cancelling works great. Battery life is 16 hours.
Not cheap though.
I also have a pair of pixel pro buds I use for regular travel but the noise cancelling doesn’t compare with the bose over the ear headphones.

These are my faves @Saltrams - they were a bit more elegant & Scandi looking than lots out there and smaller (I have mini head and ears :joy:) I love them and always have them on long haul but confess, don’t use them on the plane itself :airplane: just in airports, trains, buses etc and for work calls

I have a small head too @Cuttlefish. Can’t wear adult size hats, coat hoods fall down over my eyes, very fine hair so can’t use that to pad out headwear!

Exactly the same challenge for me! I think you are Cheltenham kids from memory, there was a lovely shop in Ledbury that had them for a try/see - Hus & Hem :star_struck: @Saltrams

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