What are you listening to? Playlist or Podcast?

What do you like to listen to? Maybe it’s your commute to work? Or taking the pets you’re sitting for out on a walk? Or perhaps you’ve got a three hour layover…what do you like to listen to and why?

In my 20’s I found that while travelling I much preferred listening to various playlists to anything else. However, these days firmly in my 30’s I love a good audiobook ( could go on all day about my favourites of 2022), listening to my favourite travel writer Rick Steves (it’s a personal dream to meet him some day) or a podcast.

A few podcasts that I listen to when I have time or when traveling are: Invisibilia, This American Life, Ologies, You’re Wrong About and Stuff You Should Know.

Since I am a new parent I’ve been looking for a good parenting podcast, as well as “travel hack” and any fun history/culture type of podcasts.

So what do you prefer Playlist or Podcast? Have some recommendations?


@Kelly-Moderator wherever we are in the world, (and as long as it works there!), we listen online to San Francisco’s 70’s Hits… we are totally addicted to this radio station, in fact when we are next there we might pop in and say hello and put names to faces :sweat_smile:

With regards to your actual question though, I prefer playlists, I have several for road trips and a great one I created especially for PCH 1 road trips! … my favourite :slightly_smiling_face:

All French, all the time. I thought I was getting better at the language, but then I started trying to use it! Back to the drawing board…

I love Le Journal en Français Facile (News in Easy French), which is an RFI program for learning French and offers language exercises. News in Slow French is also great. It’s available in other languages as well (search for News in Slow [language]) and is best accessed through linguistica360.com.


Now I’m going to have to give this station a listen! Please DM me a link to your PCH playlist! That sounds like a fun one

What a great tip! I’m going to have to try this to continue to work on my Spanish! Thank you!

@Kelly-Moderator , I’ll check out Invisibilia. As for podcasts, I listen to NPR’s The Hidden Brain with Shankar Vedantam and The Jordan Harbinger Show.

I just saw a fascinating movie called, Turn Every Page, about the relationship between the writer, Bob Caro and his editor, Bob Gottlieb. I am going to see about getting his book, The Power Broker, and/or his first book on LBJ as an audio book to listen to when I’m driving to sits.


@mars Oooh Hidden Brain looks good! I’ll have to give it a listen

That’s cool. I didn’t realise that anything like this existed.

HI @AdamRowley welcome to our community forum, where you can learn something new from our amazing community just by joining in the conversation. :wink:

Enjoy connecting with members from around the world and it would be great to know where you’re joining us from

Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity - it’s nice to be here!

I’ve been a long time online listener to KEXP Seattle. While on a petsit last year I visited the studio near the Space Needle where they have a coffee shop. Loved it!

I’m a big fan of the Bowery Boys Podcast for interesting New York City history.

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I might check that out as I love history and would be cool to know more about NYC when I visit and walk around. Thank you for sharing!

I listen to a Playlist from the 70’s sometimes and a few preferred artists. I.e. Pink, Adele, Ed Sheeran and rock from the 70’s. At night i turn on white noise usually ocean sounds or rivers.

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We’re a big fan of 70’s in our household too, we think it’s the decade that made the best music. We can never get enough no matter how many times we listen to the classics.

that’s so cool! did you happen to also visit the Chihuly Garden? We’ve seen quite a few Chihuly exhibits and this one was one of our favorites.

@Kelly-Moderator i did not but I went to the
Tacoma, Washington, Museum of Glass.

For those of us who enjoy walking for leisure, fitness, and purpose this podcast is terrific:

And here, close to home, and around the world on the World wide web is Alberta’s oldest radio station:

And do you know " Radio Garden"? …if you don’t have this app - you got to get it:

Thanks …and Enjoy!

Thank you for this! We go on daily walks most of the time twice a day and your recommendation of Talking Walking sounds perfect!

I love Radio Garden - a great discovery!

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