Share your wellbeing tips with the Community!

Hello everyone!

I hope this post finds everyone in a good place, getting ready for the weekend! :star2:

I wanted to kick off a discussion on something important to everyone - our well-being. Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional health, we all have our unique ways of staying on top of it, and I think we can learn from each other!

I would love for everyone to share their wellness tips and tricks! It could be anything from your favourite workout routines, mindfulness practices, yummy healthy recipes, mental health coping strategies, or even your most useful relaxation techniques. No tip is too small, and every bit of wisdom counts!

Whether you’re an old hand at self-care or someone just starting on this path, your insights could be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll share one of my favourite self-care things to do: starting my day with a couple of immunity cubes in hot water! They’re a tasty start to the day, and all of the ingredients are good for my health. You can read more about them here, and the photo I’ve shared above shows the ingredients that I put in mine!

Over to you! What are your wellness secrets? Don’t be shy – your advice might be the boost someone else is looking for.

I’m looking forward to reading all your fantastic tips and creating a treasure trove of wellness wisdom! :muscle::herb:

Take care, and happy Friday!



At the end of the day I like to unwind and forget about the day, so when I go to bed I listen to a podcast about all different manner of topics. Could be scientific, historical, paranormal, comedy, 1940’s radio plays, true crime……but never sport!!

I know things about moon rock, hieroglyphics, traffic scene road skid/tyre marks, gut health, how dyes were made centuries ago, witch trials and all sorts of facts that I may never need, but now know.

I bought a headband off Amazon that has speakers in that I wear in bed, super comfortable and can also use it as an eye mask to block out the light. Great for flights too. Get my phone to turn off after the podcast ends and I drift away.

Tonight I am going to listen to The Tower of Londons Most Notorious Prisoners.


The dog walking I do on HouseSits contributes to my wellbeing. An incentive to get up and active even on a cold or dull day . Dogs are always so eager and excited for their walk that it is a great start to the day whatever the weather. I have been able to walk hundreds of miles in the U.K. countryside on dog walks . I call it my green gym.

I especially look for house sits in U.K. countryside that do not require me to drive to the location for the daily walks and where I can access footpaths from the property. There are days where I might have to spend the majority of the day working and looking at a screen ( remote working ) so even if those days having this outdoor physical activity at the beginning and end of everyday is great for my mental health and helps me maintain a healthy weight.

But even sits where there are no dogs to be walked , I will plan to walk and explore the local area .
Research has shown that simply petting a pet lowers the stress hormone cortisol , while the social interaction between people and their pets actually increases levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. So whether it’s taking care of a cat, dog or rabbit pet sitting can be good for reducing stress and lowing high blood pressure.


I practice rabbit hole excavation.

I practice paying attention to the conversation going on in my head an when it gets negative…“obsessive” or critical, etc., I interupt the rabbit hole with redirection, mantras or breath.

It is an ongoing practice!

Also time/activities with my wife and friends really really fills my soul…

GREAT topic @Jenny !


I take things in stride, see things in perspective and practice a lot of gratitude.

I’m naturally low stress, even in careers that are high stress. Like I spent decades in news and loved the pressure and adrenaline. Once, someone subbed for me while I vacationed and on my return, said he didn’t know how I did the job, because the pressure was nonstop. It freaked him out. I told him, if you don’t like fire, don’t become a firefighter, LOL.

Traveling wise, I just learned about this:


Thrilled to see some of you getting involved with our wellbeing discussion!

@Daisy999 it sounds like you listen to some really awesome podcasts, and I’m going to give the one you linked a listen!

@Silversitters walking is so good for mental and physical health! I love how you’re tactical in the sits you choose so that you can keep on top of your walking. Great point too, that pet sitting is a stress buster too - although I’m not actively sitting I do take regular breaks to give attention to my lovely cat throughout the day!

@HelloOutThere I’m glad you like the topic! I’m going to have a look online for more information about rabbit hole excavation as it sounds like a really great way to stop negative thought cycles! Do you have any regular activities with your wife and/or friends?

@Maggie8K being naturally low stress sounds like a real bonus in life! Sounds like you were naturally suited to the fast paced environment working in news. Great tip too, about the nasal sanitiser, especially when it’s flu and cold season for so many of us. I’ll have to see if I can find a UK equivalent!

I’m trying the nasal sanitizer for the first time, so will see whether it works over various trips. I ended up getting it, because I read that even some hospital employees use such.

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About podcasts/audiobooks: More than a decade ago, I got two audiobooks that inadvertently put me straight to sleep. (That wasn’t my intent, because I fall asleep easily.) I’ve never been able to get through one chapter in either audiobook, because the narrator voices are sleep-inducing. I mention that for people who having trouble sleeping, because sleep is a key component for wellness.

The audiobooks:

If these don’t put you in a coma, maybe others will, LOL.


I’m an avid walker so usually walk about 5-10 km a day and I’m also a Zumba addict. I’ve danced my entire life and discovered Zumba 14 years ago and do it about 4-6 times a week and it’s my “happy” place. I always search for Zumba classes when I go on a house sit and usually manage to find regardless of what city or country I’m in. It’s a great way to meet locals who also share the same interest.


@Jenny , Wonderful topic.

@Maggie8K ,Speaking of nasal sprays, I began to get sinusitis at my last sit. I needed something fast to prevent a major flare and found this product in CVS. NasaMist All in One It has a strong spray to get the mist into the sinuses where it’s needed, and it saved the day for me. Amazon has it but I didn’t have the time to wait, so found it locally, thank goodness.

For me sleep is really important. After thinking about it for months, I ordered real linen sheets – I had slept on them at a sit in the UK and loved them. They are just heavenly. For a good sleep in this cold weather, I have the room temp turned way down, my linen sheets, a weighted blanket, a buckwheat hull pillow and room darkening curtains. Perfect.


Be happy


Hi @Jenny … if you find anything online about rabbit hole excavation…let me know, as I just made that up for this thread!

Dinners, game night, dinner and a show, fires and drinks, hiking/biking, vacas… being with my people is soul nourishing.

Thank for asking!


@Jenny I appreciate you sharing the recipe for immunity cubes; they seem tasty and beneficial!

Daily thankfulness practice is one of my wellness recommendations. I like to express my gratitude by saying it aloud or by listing three things in a journal. This encourages me to be grateful for what I have in life and to concentrate on its positive qualities. It also lessens tension and improves my mood.


Finally getting caught up here, great to see some more suggestions from everyone!

@Maggie8K I’m definitely interested to hear how you get on with the nasal sanitizer, as is my niece! She’s a hairdresser and picks up a lot of colds from her clients so when I told her she was curious to know more.

I’m giggling at your inclusion of Marcus Aurelius, I was given this in book form by a particularly intellectual ex boyfriend, and I really struggled to get through it.

@Globetrotter Love this, walking is so wonderful. I’ve really been enjoying walking between 4 and 6k a day. Is Zumba something that everyone could try? I’d love to give it a go but I have little rhythm or poise! I guess it’d entertain others in a class though!

@Maeve Sleep is so important, agree with this so much! I’m crazy about my 15 tog duvet and new heated blanket - they’ve been so useful against the cold. An added bonus is that my cat is obsessed with the heated blanket and when it’s on he’ll just stretch himself out over the bed and get cosy.

@Amparo I’d say a good IPA counts as self care!

@HelloOutThere I would never have guessed that you’d made the name up yourself! A quick search brought up some interesting advice about garden maintenance and filling rabbit holes!

@wonderexplorers You’re welcome! Let me know if you give them a try! Love your gratitude exercise as well, I think we could all take a moment in our day to think about what we have to be grateful for. I wonder if we could start a new discussion post about “what are you grateful for today”… :thinking:


I am having the best time of my life Miss @Jenny.
I am getting better and better everyday.
Self care is anything that helps you, a unique individual achieve a sense of well-being.
My contribution is not in any way intended to promote any product or substance but rather whilst so many of us struggle with genuine peace of mind and genuine happiness, contentment, soulful and heartfelt feel goodness it is okay to just let go and get out of our heads.
We try so hard to force outcomes when maybe if we just rested more, pause and allow ourselves to just be happy.
We find our own rhythm our own personal song.
And then just sing dance and enjoy the wonders of being alive.


@Amparo This is one of the most awesome replies I’ve received during my time working in Communities, and I wholeheartedly agree! :heart:


I have quite a story. One just now happening and I have no clue where to best share it.
I am having an incredible experience related to travel, pet sitting and being a solo woman traveler.


If you’d like to share any of it with us, we’d love to hear it! How would you feel about starting a new discussion post in the “fun stuff” category, called something like “My travelling adventures”? You could share photos and tales of your travels? When @Maggie8K came to Scotland, she shared her experiences with us on this thread and it was very well received!


Yes! There is so much more to pet sitting and travel that one experiences that is actually quite marvelous and quite healing, enriching life with truly meaningful moments.
Moments that cast light over the shtuff that sometimes happens.
Personally I feel these topics would be helpful.
It’s so much more than just the logistics of planning it’s the wonder of the unexpected greatness found in humans, strangers who come out of nowhere and just show up with all their humble greatness.


@Amparo so good to hear from you, I’ve missed you! We have a lot in common from previous discussions, would love to hear all about what you have been up to :pray: Travel and sitting is the ONLY thing that gives me true meaning in my life.

Please share :grin: