What brought you joy today?

Years ago I read about a group in New York City that periodically stages “impromptu” events to spread joy to people who happen to pass by. This morning this was in my email box waiting to bring a smile to my face:

I love this group and the silly things they do to bring joy into the world!

The things that bring us joy can be big or small. The important thing is that we take time to notice and appreciate them.

So, what brought you joy today?


Love love love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I bring myself joy.
Every day.
I practice gratitude, and it is a practice because some times, as life is, we encounter challenges, be they situational, emotional triggers (memories of past or current events). My focus is to remember that things outside of me do not have power over me, that I get to choose how I feel by appreciating every moment. Even the challenges are reminders to come home, to me.

In my practice I share my joy. I smile a lot, spoke a good long time with my sister, my son and my roommate. I cooked and shared.
Yummy veggie Spanish omelet.
Food is joy :star_struck:

Hi @Karen-Moderator !


Hi @Amparo! I thought of you when I posted this. I’m so glad you were the first to respond to it.

Thanks for bringing your joy into the lives of the people you touch, especially us here on the forum! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, food is joy!


A lovely question @Karen-Moderator thank you for asking …

What brought me joy today? :slightly_smiling_face:

I had to go out for an hour and could not take Paddington with me - Padding is an 18 year old Maltese who is deaf, almost blind, arthritic and has the beginnings of dementia but his sense of smell is as it was when he first opened his eyes all those years ago … I came into the house, whistled (he can pick up high pitched sounds) … and the moment which happened next brought me joy;

He “RAN” towards me tail wagging and as I started to play"dance" in font of him he played back … also he’d eaten ALL of the poached salmon I left for him and no accidents anywhere.

That was today’s joy for me … :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and watching the resident Heron take flight across mill pond still water :heart:


I fed Sidney the swan today as I do every day since I moved house. I can see him from my bedroom window waiting for me.
Feeding Sidney gives me joy :star_struck:


My family all brought me joy today as they do everyday. I really do love them and love spending time with them. I do hope I also brought joy to them and to a few good friends I got to talk with today.


These two goofballs. The little one is mine, the big one lives across the road. They’re besties :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My foster dog Pierre from The Animal Pad dog rescue brought me joy today. I haven’t been feeling the best the past couple of days and this sweet love bug has been cheering me up. Foster dogs have so much love to give. What brings me even more joy is helping these sweet pups find their forever families. And the cherry on top is when the new adopters send me updates of their new pup living their best life.

Here are some pictures of some other foster dogs I have helped from The Animal Pad dog rescue.

This little guy above is alive today because TrustedHouseSitters very own @Angela-HeadOfCommunity came along a rescue trip with The Animal Pad to Mexico and saved Momma Holly from the streets when she was very pregnant. She gave birth to 13 puppies, including this one, just days after crossing the border to San Diego where she settled into her foster home. You can read the full story here: A Day In Mexico With The Animal Pad Team

This sweet girl above is Lady Lily. The Animal Pad rescued her from a kill shelter in Las Vegas. Lily is about 10 years old and almost fully blind so her odds of getting adopted from the overcrowded shelter in Las Vegas were not very high. Now Lily is living her best life with her new forever family in San Diego!

If you are looking for endless love and lots of joy, foster a rescue animal! I highly recommend it :hugs: :dog: :cat:


A delightful morning walk with my old friend Silver. :dog2:


Coming across these extremely well-behaved dogs brought me joy, during a walk around the neighborhood where we are currently cat sitting!


From one foster mom to another - I agree that fostering is amazingly rewarding. It can be hard work, but the joy of helping animals more than compensates.

These three are my current fosters, and came from a neglectful home. I was on a sit in Switzerland when their elderly, disabled, owner in Dallas asked me to help with her 6 cats. She was being evicted and going to a homeless shelter.

The cats were fearful, ridden with worms, fleas and mange, and had never seen a vet☹️. Now they are healthy, spayed and tear around their foster room (my home office) like baby elephants! Maybe we should have a separate thread for our foster animals…


I got tired of all the negative news out there so I wondered if somebody is just reporting good news. I actually found two places!

Every day I get some good and nice news via emails.
Goodnewsnetwork.org and nicenews.com

Not pet related (but often has good animal news) and not religious.
Just some good news about a variety of subjects from around the world.


Haha I love this thread!! My husband and I are kind of weirdos, and we’re good with that!
We make up words to songs that will work with whatever the tune is.
This morning my song was,
“There’s a dog in the house, in the house. There’s a dog in the house, in the house. There’s a dog in the house and he’s quiet as a mouse, there’s a dog in the house, in the house.”
I was singing to our black lab, Walker the Winder Dog. He didn’t seem impressed until I offered him a treat… Such is life! I got a giggle out of it.
All of this ridiculousness happened while the glorious PNW sunshine was streaming through my dining room window.
It was about 30°F at the time, but he was loving laying on his bed with the sun shining on him.


@rebes, when I read this I had to chuckle myself. What a great kick you must have had with your Walker the Winder Dog. I’m sure he was “rolling his eyes”!

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@Lassie thank you so much for saving those sweet babies. They wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for you. They are so precious :green_heart:

I took your advice and started a new topic about foster pets if you would like to share your story there too. Show us your foster pets!

Thank you so much for fostering and making a PAWsitive difference in the world :cat: :dog:


Elizabeth, one of our wonderful members brought me joy today …

While on an 8 month housesit in Spain 6 years ago I volunteered with ARCH a horse rescue centre near Malaga https://www.horserescuespain.org and long story I fostered 2 rescued Welsh Mountain ponies, Hope’s Story > >> The Journey of Hope | TrustedHousesitters.com… sadly we lost Valiente last year to colic but my girl Hope is enjoying life in Shropshire at a rehabilitation centre, she’s blind in one eye, has very little sight in the other but has her “eyes” and very best friend beside her all of the time …

So my joy are these pics taken by Liz who drove over from her home to go and visit Hope and say hello from Mom.

Liz knows all about rescuing she has two foster ponies from HAPPA, rescued chickens, sheep, goats and 4 dogs, and is looking for a sitter for next April … with a beautiful home, amazing location and well behaved and beautifully cared for menagerie sitter will have an amazing experience … they might even meet Hope

Thank you Liz you brought me pony joy today :heart: :horse: :heart:


It’s a small thing, but we woke up to the first snow of the season today. Since we came from a desert climate, this was just amazing. No pics, it was gone too fast. But what a beautiful thing to see.


November always brings me joy because my Fuji Apple and Fuyu Persimmon trees provide a bounty of fruit (especially this year) that I have fun sharing with others. This year that joy included freezing fruit slices and giving them to friends for winter use (accompanied by a yummy recipe for a Persimmon/Apple Almond Crumble), having an ongoing basket full of fruit at the end of my walkway with a “Free, stay Healthy” sign for the neighborhood to enjoy, making applesauce to give away, providing my overworked primary doctor’s office with an abundance of fruit for their breaks, AND today I’ll be happily making a Persimmon/Apple Almond Crumble for our Thanksgiving dinner with family, tomorrow.


@ShulasMom, getting joy out of bringing joy to others – that’s truly the Thanksgiving spirit! My mouth is watering, just hearing about your yummy Persimmon/Apple Almond Crumble.

Would you spread your joy even farther, by sharing the recipe with us (after you’re finished feeding the neighborhood, of course)?

Happy Thanksgiving!

What brought me joy today? What brings me joy everyday?
Wakening up to a brand new day crammed full of possibilities and having the choice of what possibilities to chose.