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From a current listing … :heart_eyes: :dog: :dog:

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I love the dogs and the chaise longue.

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I’d be comfortable there! :wink: Comfy chaise lounge and adorable doggies to cuddle up with!

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I am just off my ‘hobby-horse’ on another topic thread so on a lighter note here is Pancho Villa (well thats what I called Donkey anyway!). A nice sit on a small holding over in Wales…all the usual suspects…dog, farmyard cat, chickens, ducks, bantams, quails…and three of Shreks friends. Donkeys are great fun…very clever…this one knew how to slide the bolt to the feed store open…thank you very much…with his top lip…what NO carrots today…

and they laugh and chase…I miss those critters!


Two friends at Cambridge arriving at the ‘Cambridge Beard Growing Festival’!


‘Alot of mouths to feed!’ (photo 1) and ‘Come on girl lets have a little break from that!’(photo 2) Mum and pups, Azores, Portugal

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@Vanessa-Admin sorry to bother you Vanessa but this donkey photo I posted seems to have ended up in the dog category and i dont know how to shift it…can you do that? Maybe need a horse…farm animal sub category? Thanks

Hi @carpediem the category is “All about pets” and as TrustedHousesitters look after ALL creatures great and small if we categorized pets by type we would have a veritable Noah’s Ark of a Forum.

I know this topic title is “share your dog pictures” … which was originally for National Dog Day, I will edit the title to reflect all pets.

Vanessa is having a very well deserved vacation this week … no tagging please.

Thank you for the heads up please share pics of “All creatures, great and small”

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@Angela-CommunityManager yes thanks and sorry I forgot Vanessa was on holiday; trust you enjoyed yours Angela.

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This is Cider…my current buddy.

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