What brought you joy today?

And there in lies the secret of a truly joyful life.
Freedom to choose. Knowing that each day has unlimited opportunities to choose from and then choosing. Even if that is nothing.

“Dolce far niente” The sweetness of doing nothing.


Don Eliseo
On the corner of my street there is an older modest stone house. There is a lime tree already heavy with fruit and along the sides of the small piece of land in front of the house there are rows of lettuce and other bits of veg.
Today I noticed the very elderly gentleman that lives there hitting the overgrown weeds and grasses on the street side of his home. I watched as he grunted and swung his shovel relentlessly.
I said “good morning young man.” Introducing myself, saying that I lived a few doors down and that it would make my day if he allowed me to help him.
He smiled a wide grin baring his few remaining yellow teeth. Breathing heavily and leaning on his shovel he told me he has seen me walking with my stick…
Well we talked over an hour.
He came to Uruguay by ship in 1956 from Spain at the age of 19. Gave me his full address in his home town of Santiago de Compostela. He worked many jobs before becoming a banker and he and his wife have lived in their home since they were first married. He laughed a lot rubbing his bald head, asked me lots of questions too. We kept talking even as the rain started. We did no work. He took my hand in his and squeezed it tight. “I see you. You have a strong and lively spirit. Don’t ever stop.”
He thanked me for stopping and asked to come and visit again and meet his wife.
My heart is full.


My joy today was beginning my Thanksgiving preparations for an amazing dinner Thursday night. Today I made my sweet potato casserole, prepared my stuffing for the turkey, made the cranberry sauce, finished up my carmelized onion and goat cheese spread for bread and dressed up my deviled eggs. Just a few things left to do tomorrow so I can enjoy all the family time Thanksgiving in my home is known for!!


Laughter is joy that temporarily overwhelms you. Today I got a great laugh when I saw this in my email.

Can’t you just picture it?

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Wonderful… I’m guessing a “young” son :slight_smile: And continuing on the world cup theme … I saw this shared by a not so enthusiastic expat friend…

A fella in the pub asked me to name 3 Qatar players. I said that’s easy.
George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

A joyous laugh this morning from me :slight_smile: