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Agreed. My approach with most things in life is not to force things — there often are alternatives. Like on THS, various folks try to make sits work when to me they’d be better off just skipping them.

Bigger picture, getting good at reading warning signs and setting and upholding boundaries also are crucial parts of self-care.


Hya! Thank you.
I will but first I am going to enjoy this lovely surprise I was just gifted by the staff of the B&B I am staying at.

Expresso Martini!
Which happens to be my drink of choice on cruises. I did not say this.
It just happened :blush:
Like magic :magic_wand:



Tune in to the green flags!


Absolutely. That’s something to look for in all relationships. Like when choosing jobs, since people often spend more waking hours with coworkers than with loved ones.

One of the key things an older coworker told me at one of my first jobs decades ago: Avoid the gripers, cynics, bitter folks and such in newsrooms, where we worked. There were many such folks, and many ruined things for themselves as well as other people. He told me that the way they see the world can taint you if you’re not careful.

I gravitated toward terrific folks who still enrich my life decades later. And when I changed careers, I was able to build a wonderful new tribe of folks.

I now work in an industry where, even when we run into strangers, there’s usually an instant bond, because there’s a lot of empathy and sharing of know-how. Like yesterday, I applied for a sit where the host turned out to be a former tech CEO and he replied immediately and said he was especially interested in my work, because of what he used to do. We’re supposed to chat via video today and I expect that it will be very friendly. And I think I’ll probably get that waterfront sit, which looks peaceful.


Every person we meet is an opportunity. Be that a lesson to be learned for our own wellbeing or a moment to connect, create a network of resources personal or professional.
Or even for the fun of it! :scream:


I hear what you’re saying. I’m on the cusp of introversion, though. Meaning that interacting with people takes energy, rather than necessarily gives me energy. So part of my self-care involves not necessarily interacting with a bunch of people in real life. Or when I do, I take a lot of solo time to recharge.

That’s also part of why solo travel has always worked well for me — I get on swimmingly even without company and enjoy lots of quiet.

My husband and I are both like that, both enjoy lots of solo time. Works terrifically, fortunately.


@Amparo oooh my favourite cocktail :yum::yum: You are in NZ :blush:


Hi Jenny - you can probably find a zumba class where you live or where you sit - they have classes all over. I have brought a friend here and there who weren’t able to follow the choreography and were a bit frustrated but it’s worth a try. It’s a great work out but doesn’t feel like one - more like going to a dance party! People aren’t judgmental either if you can’t follow the steps - you should give it a try!


@Amparo …if you’re here in Nz, you def can’t leave without meeting me :scream::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:. DM pls!


That is so lovely, thank you.
I am actually up NE England.

Good guess @ziggy

Just arrived at my sit with 3 gorgeous cats and the loveliest family have made me feel at home.


My wellbeing is I love to dance ballet mostly barre work great for posture balance.tried tap pretty good at that .and contemporary.good for the brain as I’m in a performance group so have to learn new routines.


Why not! We can definitely start a discussion post about it.