Radio Ga Ga - What do you listen to?

When I’m out walking my dog I have one ear tuned to the radio. I’m in the UK so we are lucky to have the BBC Sounds app to turn to (here it’s advert free but I believe internationally it is supported by adverts). I thought it might be helpful to provide some programmes I enjoy listening to and wonder what others might suggest. These are in no particular order and as you’ll see slanted towards comedy:

  • Conversations from a Long Marriage with Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam. An acerbic look at married life where you not only learn many things about your partner much about about yourself as well. I’m sure a lot of people will relate

  • Clare in the Community starring Sally Phillips as a put upon social worker who feels she is at the top of her game, sadly others may disagree

  • Archers Omnibus - a weekly look at the antics of the folks of Ambridge. Hasn’t quite managed to reflect the full diversity of English society as yet, but does do well on hot topics in the field of agriculture

  • Desert Island Discs - Personalities choose the eight pieces of music they would take if they were stranded on a desert island. In the podcast version the music plays less of a role because of rights issues but this allows us to learn more about the person being interviewed. There’s a huge back catalogue so something for everyone to enjoy

  • F*gs, Mags and Bags. An Asian shopkeeper holed up in a small Scottish town. With English as a second language there are always misunderstandings and complications that create great humour in each episode

  • The Cold Swedish Winter - A stand-up comedian from London finds himself living in Sweden where his wife and her family try to introduce him to to the real Scandanavian way of life. Admittedly, they struggle to succeed

I hope you find something of interest there and perhaps you might want to think of your own list of eights songs to take to a Desert Island, it’s not as easy as you may think



Almost exactly my list.
I’d add old Harry’s Game and Cabin Pressure. Andy Hamilton is absolutely wonderful as the devil. And Cabin Pressure, well just listen but make sure your alone or they’ll wonder what’s so funny.

Hi @ElsieDownie, would definitely agree about Cabin Pressure, very clever humour that as you say makes you laugh out loud. I’m a big admirer of Andy hamilton as a writer but must admit not listened to Old Harry’s Game that much, will add it to my list.


Even with all of the electronic communication available, sometimes it’s nice just to hear all the local, hometown ‘stuff’. There is an absolutely FREE website called Radio Garden that allows you to listen in to hundreds of thousands of radio stations ALL OVER THE WORLD. It’s super easy to use and requires only internet connection. We normally use it to keep to date on our hometown news when traveling, but are now using it to familiarize ourselves with local events and news at our next sit. It’s a great site and once you’ve used it, you’ll probably keep going back. Enjoy!


Hi @DavenSherri … just to let you know we’ve moved your info about Radio Garden here onto a topic opened just yesterday asking “what do you listen to”. :slight_smile:


I don’t listen to UK radio per se, but I do listen to a lot of podcasts.

Here are a few of my UK faves:

  1. “Fortunately” with Fi Glover and Jane Garvey

  2. “The Cider Shed” (3 people talking about The Archers)

  3. “The Adam Buxton Podcast” - interviews with interesting people., most of whom I’ve never heard of. (Warning: there is swearing and some topics may offend some people.)

  4. BBC Friday Night Comedy Show

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When I have a long drive, I listen to podcasts: The Hidden Brain with Shankar Vedantam from NPR, and The Jordan Harbinger Show that has interviews with interesting people, such as hostage negotiators who teach skills of persuasion and a mafia hitman who is in the witness protection program. I also like the local classical music station.

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We really like the selection on this website. Over 600 commercial free radio channels.


oooh oooh my friend this is something that fills my soul, my body and my life.
It varies as there is very little I dislike BUT
I do have a playlist on YouTube and a morning ritual that sometimes last all day :joy:

This is it right this moment.

yes it’s country yes he is Australian and yes it boost my energetic levels

I may have to share a different one every day, would that be a bad thing?

But I confess, I listen to nothing a lot and I love what it says.

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hee hee Rado Garden is so good.

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We listen to the radio station San Francisco’s 70’s Hits, although we are based in the UK we can listen to this on the Online Radio Box.
We first discovered this station whilst on one of our U.S. road trips… perfect hits for road trips! :smiley:

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