A Calming Music Playlist For Dogs

An interesting article on a personalised playlist for our pooches! :dog::notes:

Apologies to anyone in a location that is unable to view this article.


I read somewhere that when leaving a dog at home they like classical music!


@Smiley I’m sure I have read that somewhere too.

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@Samox24 it’s funny as our chocolate lab absolutely loved classical music. When we had our black lab he preferred a golf game on TV so we always left that on for him. He would lay his head on the coffee table and stare for hours.

Just like humans, we all have our preferences!


@Debbie-Moderator aww that’s so sweet and yes very true! :dog:

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Thanks, @Samox24. Here’s the direct link:

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**I love classical music and so don’t dogs it is so calming especially after a walk.:service_dog:

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I moved your post here because I thought this thread might be related to what you were posting? Have you listened to the calming playlist for dogs posted above?

@Samox24 , great topic, thanks! I am on a sit now where they have Sonos speakers all over the house and on their playlist is this:
Relax My Dog: Dog Music Dreams

It is so so calming. I put it on for the dogs when I put them to bed or leave them (although they’re tiny and I take them almost everywhere with me). I also put it on when I get in bed and go to sleep by it. It goes off after, maybe an hour or so.

Shortly after I arrived here – I’ve been here for three weeks, I told a friend who is under a great deal of stress about it, suggesting she start listening to it. I am now considering getting Sonos speakers and Spotify for my house, except that I’m gone so much, pet sitting, I won’t be there to enjoy it very much! LOL