Classical Music Really Does Help Calm Pets During Fireworks

With Bonfire Night just around the corner, many dogs, cats and other animals experience serious distress and anxiety from the bright lights, and loud and unpredictable bangs of firework displays. Their distress is so great mainly because their hearing is much sharper than ours (they can hear sounds up to four times as far away as humans can).

An article published today claims that classical music really does help calm pets during fireworks. It also appears to have a genuine, therapeutic benefit on the four-legged, furry, and feathered creatures among us. It can even provide cats, dogs, and pets of all kinds with a natural antidote to the distressing loud bangs and lights of Bonfire Night firework displays.

A series of studies over the last two decades have found that dogs’ stress levels decrease significantly after listening to music, especially when it’s classical. :dog: :notes:


Great suggestion. I’m looking after an adorable cockapoo at the moment who gets very jumpy with loud noises so we’ll have Classic FM on and I’ll be indulging him in a belly rub bonanza for most of the evening to soothe his nerves!


I had to use Xanax for my girl during thunder storms. She listens to classical every day.

She’s mostly deaf now.

This will be us on the sofa together the next two evenings. I want to keep this sweet darling boy blissed out on belly rubs to distract him from all the firework noise. :heart_eyes: To be fair, I’m just as content as he is being his belly rub slave! :laughing:


@Chatsetchiens aww he looks so content :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s the most precious boy. I just utterly adore him.


@Chatsetchiens It looks like he utterly adores you too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A lovely cat I sat in London liked classical music, as do I.

It turned out he also liked Italian opera. I tried it out on him, because his primary human is Italian and sometimes speaks it to him. I also played Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin for him, but wasn’t sure whether he enjoyed them.

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Never was a Frank Sinatra fan myself, so can empathise with the cat :rofl:

LOL. Couldn’t tell whether he liked or disliked Sinatra. I tried a Christmas song as a control experiment, but I thought that too much of a trial for me, haha.

Mine likes Ella Fitzgerald. She does not like opera. Cajun and Zydeco is always a hit as Mom is dancing and she likes to join in. Definitely she enjoys classical.

She had to take Xanax for thunder. Now she is partially deaf and can’t hear it.