Hello, Community - from Chicago

Based on your suggestion, my guess is you have been reading some posts already, which is great. Yes, starting local, and in your comfort level for your choice of pet(s), is a good start. I used to be a regular visitor to the Chicago area, as a close friend of mine lived in McHenry. You may find there are lots of local places that will be surprisingly new to you. I did sits within a two-hour drive of my home this past fall - the first since the pandemic started - and I really enjoyed having that extra time to live like a local. As for the amazing bakery I discovered, well maybe it’s good that it’s not closer to home as I would be a regular visitor. :smiling_face: :yum:

Some newer members choose to embed their profile in their forum username. Forum members can then give you kind, constructive feedback. For example, I saw a suggestion recently from one member to move a certain photo to be the first one. Of course I was curious and had to check it out - it was adorable and certainly would have drawn me in, if I was looking for a sitter. Sometimes simple tweaks like that can make such a difference. Forum members will look forward to hearing about your first sit too, so feel free to share, with photos ideally.