Hello from Denver!

Good morning! My name is Rick. I’ve been divorced for awhile and LOVE to travel. Now contemplating retirement. I’ve been fortunate to have visited a couple of dozen or so countries around the world. I have two fur kids - one quite elderly. I look forward to travel, knowing my kids are well cared for in the house.


What is the process to cancel a sit? On the website, I do not have the ability to delete a confirmed sit. I had a biz trip with a confirmed sitter covering the dates of travel. The biz trip was cancelled due to covid. I have communicated with the sitter and they are aware.

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Hi @vmaxhp Welcome to our community forum.

I’m sorry you’ve had your trip cancelled and I have now passed this over to the Membership Services to to pick up and they will be in touch as they have to action this.

Thank you for letting your sitter know also.

I hope you’ll stay with us on the forum as a new member you’ll find lots of support, help and advice here on the forum.

Angela & The Team

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Hello and welcome!

We are from the Denver area (Parker) and travel back and forth a couple of times per year to visit family. Keep me on your list and when you travel, maybe we can coordinate a time to sit with your babies while we are there!


Sounds great!

Aw - I’m headed to the Denver area next week for a longer housesit. I’m staying a week in Thornton, then the 5-week sit in Nederlands.

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Hello and welcome :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! We are Sara & Kevin from the Aurora/Denver area. We are empty-nesters who both work from home. Love cats and dogs and am hoping to meet new people and their fur babies, while doing a bit of travel. Looking forward to figuring all this out! Nice to meet everyone. Not even sure if I’m posting in the right place, so here we go!

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Hi @waywardwash welcome to our community forum and you certainly have posted in the right place and even if you hadn’t we would have welcomed you and just politely “moved” you :))

Since the pandemic working from home has become a global movement and fits purrfectly with a pet and housesitting lifestyle. Time with pets and they make us adopt a good work/ life balance, pet care before lap top and then lots of assistance during the working day.

Cats do love keyboards and dogs keep feet warm:))

Our members will help you “figure this out” you’ll find we really are a helpful and support community. if you have questions this is the place to ask them and for more information visit our website blog where you’ll find great articles

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from across the US and around the world and thank you for joining us from Denver.

Angela & The Team

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