Hi from Colorado (currently in England sitting) need help

Hi there, I’m Wendy from Colorado Springs, Co. I am new to the forum, but have been a dual member (sitter and owner user) since July (7 months). My husband and I joined because we needed a sitter for our dogs while we went to Portugal to see about moving there. We have been planning to retire early and move to Europe for about a year now and are very close to making the final steps.

I brought my 20 year old to London for her study abroad program at the University of Westminster and decided to set up some sits here so I could give it ago in another country–its been great since there are so many members here and I was able to schedule about 2 months of sits around the Greater London area. I fashion this as a bit of a test to see if we could do House sitting nearly full time to keep our expenses low for the next few years while enabling us to travel more.

I decided to initiate on the forum tonight because I have had my first cancelation after months of being confirmed and building other sits into a schedule. I do have the Premium Membership, but am unsure how the cancellation insurance works. The sit was scheduled to start one week from Monday (Jan 31st) and was for 4 nights, they just notified me tonight that they had to cancel. I have reached out to THS to ask how to proceed and expect a return message tomorrow or Monday.

Does anyone here have experience with this type of situation–specifically how the cancellation insurance works, do I need to try to seek another sit to fill the gap–it’s such short notice so I m not sure if it will even be possible. TIA for any insights.

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Hello @Wendy2 I’m sorry to hear that you have been cancelled. I’ll add a link to the website page that has details of the sit cancellation insurance. Note that the page has links to the terms and conditions. I don’t have the premium level of membership, so I am not familiar with the details.

I will tag @Therese-Moderator as she can assist you when she is next online. I’ll also add @Angela-CommunityManager and @Vanessa-Admin , in case they will see this sooner.

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Hi @Wendy2 welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for your wonderful introduction and congratulations on securing 2 months worth of sits and coinciding with your daughter’s university stay sounds like the perfect solution for you both.

Thank you @Snowbird for helping with the cancellation issue and @Wendy2 I am sorry to hear this has happened, it is somewhat a sign of the times with travel uncertainty still in the mix. Snowbird has tagged @Therese-Moderator who will connect with you Monday when she is back on line regarding the Sit Cancellation Insurance, meanwhile I will forward the information to the Membership Services Team for them to pick up when they are back online on Sunday.

Welcome again and we look forward to sharing in your TrustedHousesitters journey and your move to Europe, we wish you luck with that and hope it goes smoothly. if you need any help or advice our community have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

Angela and the Team

The insurance is very complicated and many here have complained inside of the forum about it. I have not used it but I can tell you the important piece you need to know now is that it is reimbursed to you after all is said and done.

Just wondering why they cancelled you as, if COVID related, I believe you won’t be reimbursed - but I expect you know that. Good luck! Maybe you’ll be able to find another sit to fill that gap

They had a tradeshow that got rescheduled for May. Didn’t say Covid related.

Hi @Wendy2 I have a message from Membership Services, Tanisha emailed you yesterday with information.

I’ve just done a quick search and there is a last minute sit in Hatfield…without pictures!
There are another two but further away. I would recommend the Castle Cary one, a beautiful area if you have transport.

Thanks @ElsieDownie I’ve found that listing with no images and sent over to membership services :slight_smile:

Thanks @ElsieDownie, it looks like a lovely home, but unfortunately I don’t have a car and it states that a car is needed. I also saw the one without photos and I personally would not fill comfortable applying for a sit with out photos. Maybe something will pop up last minute. I have a saved filter on just in case.