How to claim

Hi there. I just had another cancellation as a pet sitter. It’s the fourth one in the last month. It was very last minute, I am a Premium member and I need to find out how to make a claim as this is really messing me up.

Hello again @Iulia and we are extremely sorry to hear that your sit has been cancelled. These are strange times currently with travel so prone to restrictions and last minute changes.

With all things related to claims and insurance you will need to contact membership services directly, by email at
We will also let them know you have been in touch here on the forum.

Hope you find another sit very soon.


@Julia please could you let us know how you get on as it would be useful to us who have to renew our membership.

Hi @Goodboyjakey

I just had a moment of panic trying to figure out when and why I posted that message. On closer inspection it appears that the original poster was * at Lulia * and not me at all!
I am leaving for a sit today so it had me confused for a moment.

As for the ‘should you renew your membership’ question. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is a resounding YES! Break the cost down into units of bought coffee or beer over a year and see which is better value. I have three sits so far this summer (Southern France, Stuttgart and Bavaria) and have had to turn down more due to lack of time.

Good luck with your travels.
All the best at Julia


Apologies Julia! I need to wear glasses!
The question is not whether I should renew but at what level.


Hi @Iulia - were the sits all cancelled for Covid related issues? Are you applying for sits in your country or abroad?

Hi, Vanessa. Thank youbso much. It has all been sorted. :slightly_smiling_face: