Just getting started in Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Hello! I am Arlene, my husband is Jay, and we are just getting set up and ready to find places to travel as well as folks to enjoy our home. We finally have all of our kids launched so we can take some more time to travel both in the states and internationally. Looking forward to chatting with all of you here! I am loving the tips and posts I have read so far.



Hi @admoss3. Welcome to the community forum. Empty nesters and almost retired? Good for you. How long do you have until you can cut the career tethers and travel freely? I retired almost two years ago and love the travel pet sitting lifestyle. I’m sure you will too!

I love this picture of your puzzle “helper”! That’s such a cat thing to do!


Have been to CO several times over the years, including 3 trips to CO Sprimgs, and 2 summers at CSU Ft. Collins. I think it is one of the prettiest states in the nation. If it had an ocean, it truly would be heaven! Glad to hear you are new and a part of the THS family. Hope you are able to travel and see places!

We are at this for a year now. Our first 2 experiences were amazing. The last one was a disaster. She wasn’t really ready to have people in her home and didn’t trust us to care for and protect her animals.

Anyway, it is a pretty neat lifestyle. We are hoping to do a couple of extended trips in 2023.




Thank you for sharing your experiences Cyn!

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Hi Arlene
My first pet sit with THS was in Singapore.
Of course accommodation was free but so was my flight thanks to frequent flyer miles.
If your not familiar with this you can get a American Airlines/Citi Bank credit card. They have various card deals with flight milage give after an amount of purchase(s).

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