Welcome to our Loveland, Colorado, USA home

Hello, fellow Forum members! We are planning to travel A LOT now that it seems safe again, starting in June and July. One of the first things we’ve learned on TH is that we need to act very quickly if we receive an appealing application.

We don’t know if our listing (available through our profile here) is working. We’d love some help in making our home and our dog and two cats as tempting as possible. Thanks in advance!


Hi @karin-giles, I think your listing looks lovely and is quite tempting already. I am a homeowner and a sitter on THS and I’m always looking for ways to improve my listings. Colorado is on my bucket list, so perhaps I’ll apply in the future. I think you have a few duplicate pictures, so you could delete the duplicates and add even more pictures of your beautiful home. And some pictures are dark, so maybe you could try to get a picture with more light. Much luck to you in finding the perfect sitter for your lovely pets.

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Hi @karin-giles I took a look at your listing and you have a lovely home and very adorable pets! I think letting sitters know if the pets can be left alone and how long is always helpful as well as list a few things that are nearby that sitters can enjoy. Are the pets schedule able to adjusted. Just a few things I would want to know.

I’m new to THS so I’m sure others will have some great advice. If I didn’t need to stay local to Massachusetts, I would apply!

Good luck!


I have seen your listing before in my searches and if I wasn’t already scheduled to be across the country during your time, I would apply in a heartbeat. Your sit looks wonderful and I love the picture toward the end of Lily and Phoebe where it looks like Lily is cheesing for the camera. :heart: :heart: :heart:

I also looked at your house sit and am planning to spend the summer in Colorado house sitting. I am booked for part of the time that you mentioned. We are available for August and part of September if you need someone. Have fun with all your travels.

Georgia, if we plan further trips after our month in Europe, we will certainly check with you – and you can watch our listing for dates too. Enjoy your summer!

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Thanks for the encouragement! Please do keep an eye on our dates and think about a future stay here. Yes, the animals are a hoot.


Thank you, Susan, I’ve added some of the info you suggested. Have a great summer in beautiful Mass.!

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Thank you for the helpful tips! I’ve done my best to fix the photos as you suggested. Please do keep an eye on our dates and think about a future stay here.

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