Hello from Denver Colorado, USA

Hi, I’m Whitney and live in beautiful Colorado. I have 2 cats - each of them 13 years old. Active, sweet and loving. One cat has diabetes and so has to have food pretty regularly and an insulin shot 2xs a day. I live alone so pet sitting is important to me! I love to travel - for pleasure and work - and have a hard time finding pet sitters that are reliable. This forum came highly recommended - and I got excited! I live in roomy 3 story townhome in a small community - lots of indoor space/tons of space with a big back deck, fire pit. Near great area of Denver/Cherry Creek. Looking forward to traveling and connecting with awesome cat sitters.


Welcome, Whitney. I know the worries about entrusting old cats who need medication to housesitters. I had a 17-year old cat that needed thyroid meds twice a day and sub-Q fluids twice a week. I am sure that you will find great sitters here.

I sat in Denver for 10 days recently and loved it. Some of my friends moved to Denver, and I could see the appeal!

You can link your sit posting in your forum profile, so people can find it. Who knows - maybe I will be ready for another Denver visit soon!

Hi Whitney!:wave: I love CO! I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice from Australia and house sit during winter for an ex-dog minding client who moved to Winter Park. One day I’ll get back there!
I’m sure you’ve find some lovely sitter on here - I only joined last week!


Wow! Von, I visited Australia years ago and backpacked the country. What a beautiful country you live in. Yes, Winter Park is beautiful. If you’re feeling the Colorado thing…let me know!

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Hi Lassie, thanks for saying hello. I love hearing that this isn’t that big of a deal. And I’d love to hear from you if you feel a Denver visit coming your way:)

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I had fewer sitters apply when I had that old cat. She died in December and the surviving cat is very easy, so it is easier for me to find a sitter.

I believe that administering insulin is much easier than subQ fluids, and you are in a more desirable area than me, so I don’t think you will have a problem.

Have you posted a sit yet?