New to TH from Fort Collins, Colorado!

Hi Everyone! My husband Jeff and I found out about TH from a close friend. We are both cat people and love to travel. We’ve just finished our first sit sitting for 4 beautiful cats in Washington state - Philip, Penguin, Sami, and Kevin. What a great experience! The homeowners were a delightful couple and the cats were super social. In addition, we were in a beautiful location! We are really encouraged to do it again - soon! When we can’t travel for extended periods we will be looking for weekend sits within Colorado. When we can, we will be looking for month-long+ stays internationally.
Excited about joining the TH community!!


Hi Jeanne, Welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters!

I have already congratulated you on your first sit in another post but there’s absolutely nothing wrong in saying it again … congratulations, what a wonderful time you had from the sounds of things … love the cat’s names, were they as characterful as their name’s imply?

If you need any help, hints or advice we have a very helpful community and a big thank you to the close friends who introduced you to THS. We look forward to sharing in your new and exciting journey.

Enjoy being here on the forum and connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Thanks for the email.
Yes, each cat fit their name perfectly! They were all indoor cats, so wherever you were that’s where they wanted to be.
I love that!


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Welcome @Jeanne from beautiful Colorado and congratulations on your first sit! First of many !!

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