Hello From Dallas Texas

Hi, I from Dallas Tx I am new here and I am excited to start the new journey as a house Sitter. I love pets I have to Shih-Tzu on my own Bailey and Cookie those are my babies. This is one of the reason I want to help because I know how important is to take care a dog or a cat and make sure they are okay. I also love traveling and this is a great opportunity to see other places while I am taking care your babies. I am ready to start helping thats what I love.


Welcome, from another sitter and HO in Dallas (Lakewood).

Hi @fantinac34. Welcome to the community forum. I’m glad you found us. Pet and house sitting can be so rewarding! The forum is a place for pet owners and pet sitters from around the world to discuss pets, travel, the ins and outs of pet sitting and hosting pet sitters, and other things that bring us joy.

You sound like the perfect candidate for a combined TrustedHousesitter membership. Please reach out if you have any questions about joining.

Thank you I am so excited to be able to help and do what I ove take care pets. I work from home and I can work from any place in the world. That make it easy

Hi thank you

Welcome @fantinac34 :hugs: I lived in Dallas for a couple years and absolutely loved it. What part are you located in? I lived near lower Greenville my first year and then Deep Ellum my second year. Now I’m back in my home town, San Diego (the one in California, not Texas).

That is great you work from home, you’ll have the freedom to travel all over the world pet sitting. We have lots of friendly forum members who love to share travel and pet stories, tips, and advice. In fact here on the forum you can do all of this and much more:

Our team is here to help, so please don’t hesitate to send a message if you have any questions. Our community members help each other have unique travel experiences while keeping pets happy at home. We’re glad you’re part of the community. BTW how did you find us?

All the best

Greetings from East Texas! I am also new and am a sitter in Van. Sounds like we joined for similar reasons. Though I’m curious: What do you do with your own pets when you travel?

Welcome @fantinac34. It’s a great lifestyle for us pet lovers to travel meet new animal friends and see the world.
Dallas is on my bucket list. Maybe soon I’ll be sit a couple of elephants (well they say everything is bigger in Texas I believe!!).

It depends on the length of my trip. If I’m going for just a few days, I have a friend check on my cat. If it’s a week or longer, I use a THS sitter (I have a combined sitter-HO membership).

Hello! I’m a Dallas homeowner in Far North Dallas and also new to the forum but we’ve been THS members for several years. Do you ever do local sits?

Hi @MrsRose168 welcome to our community forum it’s a great way to connect with other members of our community, there is a Direct Message option members can use to have a direct conversation with another member.

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