New from Austin

Hi Everyone,

I am new to TrustedHousesitters and I am really excited to be a part of this community. I decided to start house sitting so that I can live my dream of traveling more often and make furry friends.


Welcome from Dallas. I’m on my first sit now, ending today. I recommend applying for some of the (many!) sits in Austin as a way to get started on this journey and build good reviews. My current sit is in a suburb of Dallas.


Hi Elaine,

Thanks, I just started applying for local house sits. Wish me luck. :grinning:


Hello @JesscyB. Welcome to the group and good luck getting your first sit - You will find lots of tips and good advice by looking through past posts but don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have.


Hi @JesscyB a very warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, your profile is looking good, it’s so great to see that you’ve completed all of the verifications and added externals references, owners really put great store in these and on THS reviews, once you start to build them up.

Starting local (when possible) is the advice we always give, you can connect with owners and offer to visit first, if convenient. Your images are lovely too, one thing we do know from regular surveys of members is that owners feel more connected with sitters who share pics of themselves with pets, especially the lead image which we can understand, after all that’s what they come to us for … care of their beloved pets.

You’ll find lots of help and support here do ask any questions and there are great articles on the website blog, everything from checklists to writing an application, not that you’ll need it I’m sure but they are there for reference.

Good luck and we look forward to sharing in your TrustedHousesitters pet and housesitting, lifestyle journey.

Angela and the Team

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Thanks Colin :grinning: