Dallas Irish cat lover new to TH

I joined TH a few hours ago, and look forward to getting started as a sitter. I have tons of cat experience (from newborns to geriatrics), but limited dog experience. I am working on adding references to my profile, but if anyone has any other suggestions to improve my profile, I’d love to hear it.

i am from Ireland, living in Dallas, Texas now. I am semi-retired and plan to spend a lot more time travelling now. I can’t go for months at a time while my 17-year old cat is still alive, but eventually longer sits are the goal. I’m starting early because I know that building references can take a while.


Hi @ElaineInDallas welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum it’s great to have you join us from Texas via the glorious Emerald Isles.

You will get some great advice, tips and suggestions on creating your profile from our members, we are an extremely helpful and supportive community. Each and every sitter member, regardless of current experience and number of reviews, started at exactly the same place … we were all newbies once upon a time :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy being here and connecting with members from around the world …

I have also sent you a Direct Message.

Angela and the Team

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Be prepared to be amazed @ElaineInDallas and welcome to this wonderful world.

Absolute wisdom right here. I also started when I retired and everything evolved beautifully and quickly. Remember you can get a sitter to mind your kitty whilst you are at a sit. I know have done many sits for HOs that are sitting exploring the world. Have fun and feel free to ask and share here.


Welcome @ElaineInDallas ! Congrats on starting what could be an amazing journey!

We’ve been full time house sitters and digital nomads for nearly 5 years now. We also felt that having references and tons of reviews would take a while and would limit our sit options. Maybe it was luck, but we believe with a solid profile and warm/professional/detailed demeanor, we quickly secured some amazing sits (3 weeks in Amsterdam and a month in London). Of course, know your limitations, but also don’t sell yourself short! :grinning:

THS has many great resources on how to build a good profile, you should definitely check them out! Additionally, we wrote a detailed 6-part guide on house sitting that includes our tips, tricks, and personal experience that we’d be happy to share with you if you’d like.

Happy house sitting, and here’s to some great adventures! :champagne:

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Thanks. I have considered getting a sitter to mind Avi as long as she is around, but probably not for more than a few weeks.