Hello from Alabama Gulf Coast

I am from the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast and am needing a sitter. We LOVE to travel, but have 5 precious pups. 2 are older Chihuahuas who stay in a HUGE shed, that was made into a house for them (they are outside due to marking in the house) the other 3 are all larger breeds, and are crazy sweet. Max, our oldest big dog is other dog aggressive, but we just keep him out of those volatile situations. He loves his baby sisters very much. Mia is the middle child and does not warm up super fast to strangers, but is still quite loving. Now we come to the baby…Marley, she is a Cane Corso 100%. She is loving, fun, protective and super energetic. She loves to play…all the time.
Hoping to find someone who will take care of our babies for us, while we take an Alaskian cruise in May. May 7th, we leave the morning of the 8th, until May 18th. Location exactly is Loxley, Alabama.


Hello @Ladygreynius and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. If you have your listing posted, you can add a link to it in your forum username. Here are the instructions:

Add a link to your listing in your forum username/profile

If you’d rather not do that for some reason, if you post your location - as shown in the listing - and your date range, forum members will be able to locate you.

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Thank you, I did add the exact location and dates.

Yes, I see the details in your introduction now. For those searching for the listing, it’s not displaying yet. If this is a new member, I think there will be a delay before it displays, correct @Angela-HeadOfCommunity ?

I am new to both this forum and THS

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How long does it usually take for your listing to be approved?

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity will need to answer your question as I’m not a homeowner and do not know the homeowner process. However, processing time may be affected by the holiday weekend.

Thank you @Snowbird and @Ladygreynius I’ve just checked the status of your listing and there should be an email for you from the Membership Services Team who have had to reject your listing as you have not included any photos of your pets … you will need to update your listing before it will be approved and published.

Yes I was missing 2 of the 5

Would someone mind checking to see if I got my listing attached to my profile properly, please and thank you.

@Ladygreynius Yes, it’s linked correctly. You’ll see it’s underlined under your username. Any forum member can click their own links to test them, and it’s a good idea to do that when adding them, to make sure they work.

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Thank you :heart::heart::heart:

Hi @Ladygreynius me again! Sorry I didn’t see this post when I commented on the other. Your description of your dogs above is roughly what is needed on your listing. The Forum only has 4000 members, made up of sitters and owners, so only about 5% of the total membership of THS.
I know you can give lots more information to applicants once they apply, but you need to attract them in the first place. I have done 50 sits now, mostly dogs, from 1 to 4 at a time, from Shih Tzu to Pyrenean mountain dogs and the animals are a big thing for me on a sit.

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Yes ma’am, thank you for the insight. So describe what they are? Or who they are? Or both???

I changed a few things, would you mind a quick critique ?

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Hi, again @Ladygreynius. Yes Jeri, much better. More info on the dogs is great, gives a potential sitter an idea of what is needed. :+1: :+1:

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Ahhh, thank you.