Hello from Connecticut, USA

Hi there. My name is Gisele. I’m currently based in Darien, CT. I love to travel, and I’ve lived in Rwanda, Nairobi, Togo, and now the US. I joined TH because it seemed like a great way to connect with others, while traveling, and the pets! I’m not that new to TH, but I’m new to the community forum. I signed up just before lockdown, great timing:) and landed my first sit in August of last year, in Brooklyn. All my sits have been in NYC so far. I don’t always use the site when I travel. But I’m looking forward to having more sits within and outside the country. Also looking forward to being part of this community forum!


Hi @Gisele01 and welcome to the forum. You and I are a great example of the variety of interests and sitters with THS. I have never been to NYC and have little interest in visiting there either. I like to discover the smaller places without skyscrapers, where I can walk a small downtown neighbourhood. It’s great that we’re all so different. I hope you enjoy more sits in 2022. :slightly_smiling_face:

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