Hi from Connecticut

Hi I am Shirley and my husband is Bob. We are so looking forward to traveling again now that the Covid threat is somewhat lessened and that we have both had both vaccinations. We have two cats at the moment as well as a tank of fish, so getting a sitter is crucial to our travel and we have in the past been able to find them in TrustedHousesitters. When I recently started putting our upcoming travel plans together I was delighted that I was able to find sitters for each of our trips rather quickly. We have “zoomed” with one set and plan to do so with others. It is always great to meet the sitters ahead of time and to be able to communicate both before and after the trips. Several of the sitters we have had in the past have become friends as well.


Hi Shirley and Bob, welcome to our community forum, you live in a beautiful part of the USA thank you for bringing Connecticut into our morning conversation.

We are also delighted that you’ve arranged your sitters and are once again looking forward to travel adventures, it’s so wonderful to think we can get back to living our TrustedHousesitters lifestyles once more, we’ve all been missing having pets, people and places in our lives.

Welcome and thank you again for being part of our amazing community.

Angela and the team