Hello from CT, USA

Hi there! My name is Ayesha. I teach college and am planning to do some travelling this spring while I work on some writing projects. My spouse is also an academic, who will be staying home with our cat and hens. We might pet-sit together in the future (summers and winter breaks) or have pet-sitters take care care of our crew while we’re away.

I’ve lived all across the US and in the northern UK. I missed travelling during the pandemic and am starting off with a couple of house-sits close to home to get started.


Welcome @strawberries and great to hear you are able to resume your travels next Spring! As you mention there are so many possibilities with house and pet sitting! I’m sure you’ll quickly find the best way to use this as the perfect travel and pet care experience! Starting close to home is a great way to get some reviews on your profile too! Where is home now Ayesha? Have a lovely weekend, Vanessa and the team