Hello from Cranbrook Kent England

Hello and a big hello from Kent the ‘garden of England!’ My name is Bill (Philip) and I am on my third return stay with a lovely little Pug called Lola and Sammy the Spaniel. The recent heatwave and then thunder storms has not kept us grounded though walks during the heatwave have been extra early in the morning and late in the evening and we have been dodging torretial rain! This is (I think) my 77th sit with THS and I have been pretty much full-time for the last three years apart from being in lockdown a couple of times due to the covid situation. I will go anywhere and sits have taken me across the UK and further afield; to Portugal, Spain, Sweden and France to date. I hope everybody is travelling well and you have some great animal company on your travels.


Hi @carpediem Welcome to our Community Forum thank you for joining from the ‘Garden Of England’ beautiful Kent!

Thank you for your wonderful introduction and give our very best high paws to Lola & Sammy … hopefully the thunderstorms are not bothering them too much and you’ll soon be able to get back out to walkies.

We can’t wait to hear more about your pet and housesitting adventures … 77 sits that’s many stories and many pet friends.

Thank you again, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Hi Bill, we have had thunderstorms all around us, even hailstones, but they pass us by. It has finally rained a bit today after weeks of dry weather.

Have made many visits to the beautiful garden of England, The ossuary in Hythe must be one of my first holiday memories and I have taken my own children who were equally impressed

Yes Hythe is a nice little town. I went on the miniature train there the other day through to Dungeness…now that IS a strange landscape…one of the largest shingle areas in Europe and listed as a ‘desert’ though with 600 sp of plants, huge number of coastal and migratory birds, rare moths and spiders found nowhere else in the UK, I find that hard to believe! Well worth a visit for anybody reading this.

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What a lovely post @carpediem. I do so enjoy knowing that there are other full time nomadic sitters out there. It’s such an exciting time now. I am fully booked with a tentative hold for re-PETTERS in December here in the US and am so looking forward to the leap across the pond!

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thanks @Amparo …if you get over the pond get in touch and i can give you lots of tips about travel in this part of the world…happy sits!


Thank you. The UK is one of my most favorite places to be. Never get enough of it!