Hello from (currently) Lexington, SC, shores of Lake Murray

Hi all - my name is Sara Beth! I housesat for 20 years in my hometown of Chattanooga/Lookout Mountain, TN so it was natural to use Trusted Housesitters as now I travel full time. I had 5 house sits last fall but didn’t have much success over the winter (and honestly stopped trying!) I’m currently in a 2+ month sit at a lake house in South Carolina, with two more week-long sits that will get me to mid-July, all who contacted me to come back.

So, it looks like people are traveling again! Which is nice, it felt like jobs were getting thin there for a while. I’d love to go overseas but it might be a while yet? I’m not sure how that will play out.

If you’ve read this far - what’s the craziest thing to happen to you on a house sit? I think the only really goofy thing to happen to me is, on my very first TH sit, I was on a skype call with a prospective housesit (whom I’m not still friends with) when the cat decided I had not been paying enough attention to him and he bit the corner of my computer screen and cracked it! I didn’t even know that was possible…and now the touch screen doesn’t work anymore. :grimacing: I overlapped with another housesitter once and she had much more horrific stories…


Hello and welcome.
You may give informations in “introductions” thread, but it’s fine to share your stories in the very special thread devoted : if you use the magnifyer, you’ll see other topics concerning weird experiences…

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Hi Sara Beth, @sbwade thank you for joining, welcome and what a great question and what a way to find out a cat’s jaws are that strong, or a computer screen is that weak! … I’m sure there will be some amazing stories to be told.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and enjoy connecting with like minded pet and travel loving members.

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Hi Sarah Beth, welcome and greetings from the Netherlands! I love SC, crossed the country on my motorcycle many years ago and still think about that awesome road trip every day!


Hi Sara Beth, I know Lake Murray! I saw the total eclipse of August 2017 on a small motor launch ON Lake Murray! I’m a Brit and I’d been staying with friends in NC for a week, then took off by car to SC looking for a place to see the eclipse. I drove to near Lake Murray and simply knocked on doors until someone answered and took me in! I had a fantastic day, met some great people. ! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the area is. image|690x408


I can’t believe that worked! I’d love to get out on Lake Murray but so far I haven’t met anyone to take me. Maybe I should try knocking on doors! That’s a great story!