Hello from island time in the San Juans

Welcome @Islandchel to the forum, as you read through the forum here you’ll find a lot of answers to most questions members have. However, if you have any more questions about becoming a member feel free to reach out to the community or any of the forum moderators we’re always happy to help where and when we can.

What island are you on? We have family on Bainbridge and just absolutely love the area. We’ve been lucky enough to have visited Orcas island and kayaked among a pod of orcas …just absolutely beautiful natural scenery.


:0) I’m on Orcas. I imagine your experience is one of those once in a lifetime memories. I love it here. Brainbridge is an amazing place too, albeit maybe a little less rugged nature. I am a member and will continue to look through the site for additional information. Thanks for the expeditious welcome!


Yes indeed it was! Oh my mistake I wasn’t able to pull up your membership profile. If you’d like you can get help/tips/advice/suggestions from the forum community on your profile if you’d like to add your THS profile to your forum profile. Here’s how!

Welcome. I love Orcas. Was lucky enough to sit there for a few months this past fall and can’t wait to go back. I think I saw your sit listed to take care of your sweet old lab and would have been very interested if I wasn’t already committed during that time.

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Hello @Islandchel and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I had a peruse of your listing and it looks great, and such an adorable hound! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I see that you already have an applicant so fingers crossed this one will work out for you. I am sure you will get many wonderful applications living in such a beautiful part of the world.

Whereabouts will you be hoping to rekindle your adventures soon? :earth_americas:

I am eager to get to the UK, Portugal, Greece and Italy (again :wink: How about you @Samox24

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@Islandchel Sounds like you have some great travels planned! :slightly_smiling_face:

We tend to Coddiwomple a lot which basically means to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination! So basically just choosing random destinations here and there and then seeing where we end up from there! We tend to travel a lot anyway, both whilst hubby was flying and especially now we are both retired!
We are hoping to visit Matera in Italy soon because we have both travelled extensively in Italy but never actually visited there. Then probably another US road trip… these are always my favourite! :heart:… then probably explore Oz … too many choices!! :sweat_smile:

I attached a thread you might like to see! :slightly_smiling_face:


Opps, I thought these were separate responses. So, to continue, I’ve never been to Matera. I’ll have to look that up. We spent a month backpacking and a lot of that time in Cinque Terra. So many choices indeed!

I love this definition–purposeful but vague! Leaves so much to the imagination and possibilities.


Your house and dog are adorable. It looks like you have the same difficulty as us - can’t leave the dogs too long. In your case because he has anxiety and he’s old in mine my big one has anxiety and causes damage trying to get out. It makes it difficult to get a sitter who wants to stay at the house most of the time and just leave for food shopping. But we have had some amazing sitters. Mostly young couples who work from home and are homebodies like us. If it wasn’t so far, I’d come and sit your boy. I love doggy cuddles. Good luck with a sitter and travels. Deb


Thanks for commenting Deb. My pup occasional howls when I’m gone or when he hears me shut the car door as I’ve come home, yet he hasn’t been destructive. That would be difficult.

I hope to make it to Spain-my travel book has ‘dog-ears’ just waiting to explore. We had a trip planned to hike 300 miles of the ElCamino in Fall of 2020 but that possibility evaporated and it feels like we’ve had plenty of reflective time. So Spain is still in the future. Where do you love to go? Chel

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Update Deb! Oh my gosh your pups are beautiful and indeed big! So you do totally get size and needs. I’m going to save your sit for a dream trip of traveling to Europe and Spain so we have the time to ascertain connection. I love the description you provide for sit needs. That clarity and transparency must set a solid foundation for the care of your pups. Chel

Yes we had too many fails as we didn’t explain what we wanted. Our sit isn’t easy so we would rather a couple to take a dog each as they are reactive at other dogs, horses and well, if they see a rabbit you need to plant your feet. Saying that, we do take them out to dinner with us a lot, sit opposite each other and watch out for little dogs. They do listen to us

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I’m glad that you shared all of that, its reassuring. I was fairly forthcoming my description of needs and at the re-reading though maybe I was the one who had anxiety! I long for the days when my pup would just walk and hang out with me. Yet, regardless of the hours of training a bunny, deer or neighbor is more tempting than a treat in my pocket. He rockets away. He is otherwise under good command control and he’s a stellar leash walker–due to training and for reasons of his weight 100# I don’t think I’d take mine to dinner though! I hope we cross paths in the near future!

Yes us too. Bunnies, anything small and furry and horses - all fair game and man, our dogs are so strong. If you’re ever in this part of the world, look us up!

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Oh my gosh, I thought I was writing back to you when a window popped up and offered a direct message so I did. Apparently, I didn’t pay close attention. Instead, I posted a new post about horses and bunnies @Colin brought it to my attention. (thank you member of the month @Colin)

In any event, I will look you up when, not if we make it to Spain. If you ever venture to this part of the west coast Washington shout out.

Hi @Islandchel - I am a little confused by the content of your post - did you mean it to be directed at another group member specifically?

Oh my goodness, thank yo for catching this. I was replying to a post and saw the prompt to use direct message and I thought I did that. I’m unsure how this happened. My apologies. Chel

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Hi @Islandchel I went ahead and merged your other comment to this thread since that is where you thought you were posting it :slight_smile:

That would be awesome